Life Is Beautiful

There's nothing like a beautiful sunrise to st...

I’m beginning a new, week long series at my blog. One I hope you will enjoy reading.

My blog entry from yesterday was very true. Life IS unfair. There are difficult times that we all go through in this journey, called life.

BUT……this series will be different. This series will be about the beauty found in everyday life. The special moments– that transcend the hard times. My hope is that  we can all take a moment to appreciate the things in each of our lives, that make life beautiful.

Beginning this series will force me to take the time to observe and appreciate the beauty in the every day. I will be more aware of the little things (or not so little things) that cause me to smile. I’m excited about it. I’m ready. Life really is beautiful…and I want to share it with you.


The sun was just creeping up over the horizon as I walked into the kitchen this morning. The blue, early morning  light made the kitchen glow. It is a beautiful, quiet time.  Soon the sky was filled with pinks, purples, blues, and reds. The sun never lets me down, as it shares it’s painted colors, boldly splashed across a dark blue sky. At my house the sun comes up over the vast expanse of  a farm field that is busily “sleeping” this winter. I like looking at the space that surrounds me. It makes me happy that I escaped the close quarters of city life.  Even though the fields are brown right now, I know that there will be life in those rows of dirt in a few short months. It reminds me that life goes on.

The field across the road from me, and directly in my view from the kitchen window…are my neighbor’s llamas. Life is new in that field. I see the small, baby llama with it’s mama. He (or she) looks like a brown cotton ball with teeny stick-like legs.  There is something that mesmerizes me about the llamas. I could sit and just watch them all day. It is my little section of the animal kingdom to quietly observe. I hope my neighbors decide to keep llamas forever. I’d be so sad if they left.

I would love it, if my readers would take a moment to write down something that makes life beautiful for them…the comment doesn’t have to be long….or it can be. It is up to you.  Help me to see life’s beauty through your eyes.


8 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful

  1. Call me strange, but when Noah was born he had a head full of straight black silky hair and I was shocked. I’m a curly-haired girl and his dad was black – WHERE WERE THE CURLS? When he turned one and his baby hair fell out the new hair that grew in was light brown and curly. We generally keep his hair very short because it curls on top and on the sides but not in the back. It’s very odd. During the summer his hair turns very very blond. I have just been introduced to a product called Mixed Chicks. It’s a line of hair products and my girlfriend suggested I try it out on Noah. In the morning I spray his hair to wet it and put the leave-in conditioner in his hair. He has now the most beautiful head of hair. Seriously, I giggle when I’m done. I’ve never seen his hair look so awesome with some length to it and I can’t wait to see what more growth does. He says boys and girls in his class are commenting on his cool hair. Now my little mixed boy looks like a little mixed boy should with his light brown soft curls. Beautiful.

    • Kim, I love it!
      You are going to have your hands full when Noah gets older. When I taught school one of my students was “mixed”. (or if we want to be PC, bi-racial) He was such a handsome little guy. His dad came to get him one day, from school and I about passed out. His dad had skin the color of latte, with ice blue eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He probably thought I was a freak. Those eyes against the tan skin and dark hair. Wow.

  2. Life is beautiful when my 10 year old little guy likes to cuddle and look at picture story books with me even though he really likes to be alone with a big fat chapter book. I know those days of cuddling are numbered and will expire at some point, and so I treasure each moment.

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