Smash and Grab

While my children and I were in church this morning some thieves came into the church parking lot, broke out the window in my car and took all my electronic equipment. Along with plenty of other items. Four or five other cars got hit at the same time. We didn’t hear a thing. It wasn’t until we came outside that we saw the glass everywhere. I was (and am) sick to my stomach over the whole thing. This happened in broad daylight, next to a well traveled road, while people are inside worshiping. The forensics officer who came with the crime lab to get finger prints and lists of items stolen said it was a smash and grab. Whatever they could pawn they took. If you ask me, it takes a real piece of work to steal from others. The officer said people often do this sort of thing to get quick cash…usually for drugs. In the big scheme of things they did just steal “things”, and no one was hurt. That is what matters the most. It doesn’t take away from the frustration of dealing with fixing the broken car, and dealing with insurance. It’s not fair….but then again life isn’t always fair, is it? Lots of bad things happen to good people. I know the Lord will take care of us. We’ll be fine, even if it is a nuisance to deal with. I have a feeling that the people that did this are a lot worse off then I am. The pain they caused from the material things they stole is nothing compared to what’s lacking in their hearts.

Scaring the Postman

My oldest son takes medicine and I had to go get it from the post office this morning (our insurance allows us to get it through the mail). I was looking quite attractive. (giggle,giggle) No makeup at all. Hair pulled up in a clip. Jogging pants and a sweatshirt. To my credit I did wash my face and brush my teeth:) I was looking at myself in the rear view mirror of the car on the way over to the P.O. Don’t worry I am a careful driver, I didn’t stare at myself for very long…. I just spent a few seconds observing that I look totally different without makeup on or my hair curled. Really, it’s amazing. Kind of like those before and after pictures where the one looking at the picture says, “Is that the same woman?” HaHa. Luckily, I’m confident enough in my own skin to be able to laugh at myself. Hey, I still have a nice smile, even without lip gloss on!!

Samson the Shedder

I’ve mentioned before that we have a cat named Samson. Samson is a long, long, (did I mention long?) haired cat. He is a cat that sheds. It drives me nuts. I’m constantly getting the lint brush after him. I have even gone so far as to get one of my used dryer sheets to wipe him down. (Hey, he does have that lovely lavender scent after I get through with him.) He is a very laid back cat, which in the big scheme of things is good. He pretty much lives in a crazy house so he’s used to anything we throw at him. (not literally) So here is the deal with Samson and me this week. A belt broke in my spiffy G5 Kirby vacuum cleaner. I LOVE my vacuum cleaner and I LOVE to vacuum. Just between you and me I probably need some therapy for that…..Anyway, the belt broke so I have not been able to vacuum. Not only was this traumatic for me, the fur got out of control. Tonight I could stand it no longer. I took the plastic pet brush to get Samson’s fur out of my rug. I pulled up so much fur it looked like a dead rat laying there on the floor. (Get the picture?) Ewww…..I called the kids in to look at it. They laughed their heads off. I could have knit a sweater from the stuff. Gross. I want my vacuum back!!!

Speaking of knitting a sweater out of pet fur… want to hear something gross? This is the honest truth. I saw a story on TV the other night (probably FOX). This couple loved their two dogs very much and the dogs got old and passed away. The man and woman had the dogs fur spun into yarn and she made his and hers sweaters out of it! Can you believe it?! There was a picture of them wearing the sweaters. Yuck. I’m sorry but they looked like dog fur. I just think that would be yucky. I mean wouldn’t that be the equivalent of us making sweaters out of our hair? Ick.

Okay. That was my thought for the day. Sad, I know. That’s the best I could do:)

Do Me A Favor?

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and have really enjoyed it. The writer in me is having a ton of fun. So here is the deal….My husband fixed me up with a blog map so that I could see the places that people are logging on at to read my blog. It is so cool! I have readers all over the United States, Canada, Poland, and Australia. I’d really love to have my readers make comments just to say hi and tell me how they came across my blog and the state or country they are from. Thanks!

Okay. I Confess…

Alright, I confess…I’m having a stay in my pajamas type of day. I know I need to get dressed eventually but for right now I’m pretty comfortable. I’ve been REALLY busy the first two days of the work week, and I will be REALLY busy the last two days of the work week so I am taking advantage of the down time and am having a relaxing day today. Wearing my pajamas around the house is part of that:) I was looking at my site and had an enjoyable time catching up with former classmates. It is interesting to read and find out what ones former classmates have been up to over the past 20 plus years. Whew! For me to even say 20 plus years is a little shocking. I graduated from high school in 1986. Good grief, where in the world did the time go? My kids think I’m ancient. I said, “No I’m not! I’m still cool.”, to which my son replied, “see, cool isn’t even the word anymore! That just proves you are old.” I was defeated….and by an almost 13 year old. Boy that stinks. This is the same child that,when at age 6, he saw some of my “old” records thought they were the “most biggest” CD’s he’d ever seen! I had to explain that it was a record (not a CD) and that mommy used to listen to these on a record player. It was a humbling experience. I felt like a museum curator…..having to explain about ancient artifacts. Hmmmppffff!!!! Old or not, I loved the 80’s. The Class of ’86 Rules!

Give Me A Break

Don’t you hate it when twig people (movie stars, models) say something like, ” oh yeah. I used to be fat when I was growing up.” Puh-leeze they used to weigh 100 lbs instead of 95! Arrggghh! I was flipping channels the other day and a former model was on talking about how she gained weight since she quit modeling. She looked normal if you ask me (and I realize you didn’t but that doesn’t stop me:). What is the deal with that? Don’t you just wanna smack people like that? Those of us that wish to lose some weight look at these women and think, “Give me a break lady! 115 lbs on a 5’9″ frame is not fat! My goodness you look like a stick figure.” The whole thing frustrates me to no end and makes me want to give up and go eat a scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream!

Baptism of A Famous Muslim

Hmmm……What to think of the converted Muslim man who was baptized by the Pope on Easter? Now, this man says his and his wife’s lives are being threatened. Hmm…….again. Muslims upset that he converted and upset that he felt the need to be baptized in such a public way. I don’t know his reasoning for requesting such a public baptism, but nonetheless that was his decision to make. He had to know that it would not be taken well within the Muslim community. They are highly offended by this action. I just wonder what will happen, if anything, because of his conversion? In many of the more militant Islamic countries of this world, conversion would mean sure death. It got me to thinking about so many brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world that live under daily persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ. I like to believe my faith is so strong that I would rather die then forsake my Lord. Scary. Who knows? Maybe some day it will come to that. In the meantime we, as Christians, need to remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who face life and death challenges every day—and do so because of what we celebrated yesterday. A God that lives! They know the Truth. Everyone comes to a time in their own life where they must ask them self the life altering question—What do I really believe about Jesus? I either think He was a lunatic, a liar, or truly is Lord. After all, Christ, claimed to be the Son of God. He said, ” I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life”. He didn’t say he was ONE of the ways. He IS the way. He claimed, No one comes to the Father but by ME. So the question to ask yourself is this: What do I believe? Do I think he was crazy and talking out of his head about nonsense? Therefore He is a lunatic? Do I think he was a liar and was trying to deceive people? OR do I believe Him and take Him at His word and call Him Lord? Think about it. Seriously, think about it. Your answer will change everything.