Standing On Stage

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The lights dim. The audience hushes. The curtain parts.

I stand on the stage, alone. The spotlight is on me.

And I wonder to myself if the people will like me? Do they want to hear what I have to say? Will they laugh with me? Will they cry? Will they see themselves in me? Will they care if I miss a line or will they smirk at my mistakes?

I clear my throat…and, I begin to speak.

Life is like a stage for all of us, isn’t it? Some days we are the witty ones full of good one liners. Other days we are the tragic hero/heroine, who is able to withstand life’s hardships. There are the days when playing the villain seems more the choice of character. Sometimes our play is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sigh. We are all so complex.

On days when I feel the pressure to “perform”  for others… When I try to be everything for everybody…I have to quietly remind myself that I should only be concerned about the audience of one.

One. The only one that really matters. God watches me….as I stand on the stage.

I matter to Him.

Not because of anything I did. Quite the contrary.To be honest, my performance can be lousy. I get nervous. I forget my lines. I feel the sweat trickle down my back. I weep at my lack of skill.

He loves me.

He really loves me. He said so.

I stand on the stage at the end of the performance. My eyes strain to see Him as the lights come up.

He stands and walks toward me.

All the difficult practice, the memorization, the ups and downs of life on the stage, all melt away. It’s now just the two of us.

No other critiques or reviews matter except for ONE.

It is HIS voice I long to hear. It is HIS words that make my heart sing. It is HIM that I long to please.

His words resonant in my heart.

“Well done my good and faithful servant.”




Cruising Right Along

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We had a very nice visit with family over the Christmas/New Year holidays. We left upstate New York to come back home to west central Ohio. Roughly five hours into the trip, we were cruising along, making good time. Tired, and expecting to get home in the early evening.

My husband: Um..something isn’t right.

Me: What are you talking about? The kids are being good. I’m nice and warm. You beat me at the alphabet game. What could be wrong?

Husband: The battery light just came on.

Me: Huh?! This cannot be happening. Should we lay hands on the van and offer up prayers?

Husband: I’m pulling over at the next exit.

Me: The clock isn’t working. Great. Big sigh.

Husband: We’re going to find an Auto Zone

Long story short… Went to Auto Zone. Shout out to Rob who works at that Auto Zone in Mentor, Ohio. (outside of Cleveland) We needed an alternator. Oh yea! It’s always so much fun to break down on a long road trip. In the winter. In northern Ohio. We are such a lucky family!

I have to say, the boys were very good during this whole shebang. Didn’t complain. Were helpful. Honestly, they were next to perfect on this trip. (Are these just pod children? Where are my REAL children?)  Thank you, boys!

My husband is my superman. It was already dark. He put an alternator in our van, with only a parking lot light (our flashlight broke…go figure). He looked up a step by step “how to put in a new alternator” on our mini van, on the internet. ( Kudos to the internet for having how to’s for just about anything one could possibly ever need. Ever.) Wouldn’t you know on our van that the alternator is towards the bottom under a bunch of other thing a ma bobs, and whatcha ma call its. (my words) Not only was it dark at 8:30, but it was cold, being that we were right off of Lake Erie. My sweet hubby did everything he needed to do and the van ran perfectly on the way home. I told him how impressed I was with him. I could never do what he did. That is not be being humble. That is me being completely honest.

I love my guy. He rocks. I think I’m gonna start calling him MacGyver.