Is This True?

I am a member of a home school blog site. It is comprised of all races, backgrounds, economic levels etc. Long story short, these two ladies had a disagreement over politics in one of the forums. Now we all know that any political debate has the opportunity to develop into a heated argument, but they were pretty self controlled for the most part. This is the thing…one lady is white and she was voting for McCain. The other lady is black and she is voting for Obama. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion….but this is what I found interesting. The white lady said something about moral character being important in a candidate. This of course got them going about Obama and the whole Pastor Wright thing. This is the part I find interesting. The black lady said, ” I agree with A LOT of what Pastor Wright said, and you just don’t understand because you are not African American.”
Hmmm………I wonder how many black people feel that way? That whites just “don’t get it”. I think that his crass words and obvious hatred are not okay….especially, by a man who calls himself a pastor. I guess that fellow home school mom was right. I just don’t get it.

Moose Hunting and Dog Fighting

I had a very interesting experience at Walmart this afternoon. I was being checked out by a very friendly cashier. She happened to be an older black woman. I mention her race only because I feel it is pertinent to the story. As she is ringing up my groceries a middle age black man comes over and starts chatting with her…he was also an employee of Walmart. He was laughing and asked her if she had watched Chris Rock? No. She had not…to which he says something about Rock being on Larry King recently. He told this woman about how Chris Rock had said something to the effect of there are pictures of Sarah Palin hunting moose and everyone thinks that is so cool. She can hunt moose, but Michael Vick gets in trouble for fighting dogs? How’s that fair?! The man said he wants to see that show—and isn’t that the truth? And isn’t that funny? The cashier woman was laughing and agreeing with him.
I just stood there and decided to hold my tongue. Now am I missing something or what? I didn’t think that was funny at all. Last time I checked it was legal to get a hunting license and HUNT. To kill a moose and then EAT it, there is nothing wrong with that. BUT I don’t know anywhere where dog fighting is LEGAL. Where is the humor in putting dogs in a arena where they are forced to fight, become injured, sometimes to the death? And this is supposed to be for grown adults enjoyment??? Quite frankly, I don’t even see the comparison and don’t see any humor in comparing the two VERY DIFFERENT things. Anyone who can’t see the difference between hunting animals for food, and animal abuse for entertainment is ignorant. That is just all there is too it.
Do other people find this concerning? Now, I am no PETA person (in my opinion they are way over the line) but this whole conversation seemed so wrong to me. It was almost as if, because of the tone of the conversation, that they believed that it had something to do with a white woman hunting vs. a black man dog fighting. I don’t see it as a race thing at all……I see it as a right vs. wrong. Period.

Sin Is Real…And It Exists In Us All

I’m listening to the news right now and the conversation is about the financial crisis. Now, they are discussing the global economy. Banks all over the world are in a panic. Ugh. I really think the media is TRYING to scare everyone. They make it sound as if we are headed back to the Great Depression. Now, we are having this Bail Out Bill. I just don’t know how I feel about it. It is very aggravating that we the people have to bail out the fat cats on Wall Street. The one guy made 90 MILLION last year. How is this possible? How did that guy sleep at night? Power. Greed. No Conscience. Money itself is not evil, but the love of it sure is. Obviously. The whole thing just seems very unfair. Where is the justice in having to work real hard to have a decent, financially secure life—and then have to turn around to bail out people who made such a HUGE mess? It’s just wrong. Who is going to make sure this doesn’t happen again? How can we change peoples hearts? That is the real issue at hand.
I’m leaving my money where it is right now….but it is scary. The world we live in is such a mess…..and really it is a mess not because of politics, or banking thieves, or even murderous dictators around the world that we hear about on an almost daily basis. The world is a mess because of something much deeper. Peoples hearts. People’s sinful nature. Most people don’t want to hear that. It hits too close to home. Our self righteous nature wants to kick in and say, “not me. I would never do that!” Looking in the mirror can be the most difficult thing that one can do….
I’m currently reading a book entitled THE LAZARUS PROJECT by John Bayer. It’s a really good book for many different reasons but there is one thing in particular that I want to share. There is one chapter where a demon (yes, you heard me right) talks about how humans are so naive about the unseen world around them…..”It struck him as absurd that most humans thought of his kind as ugly, misshapen, deformed creatures, capable only of existence in the deepest regions of darkness. That simple belief accounted for more souls in the lower regions than almost any other strategy. Humans expected sin to be hideous, repulsive in the extreme. But that was not the case. Sin could be, and was attractive, enchanting, even captivating, at least on the surface. It was not until one got to the root causes of sin that the realization of its depravity came to light, and when exposed to the light, since could be seen for what it was. But few people wanted that exposure. And few today understood the degradation of sin. Most spoke of self-gratification, individual rights, and the belief that God existed to grant whatever wish a true believer requested.”

A Blustery Day

Remember the Pooh story about a very blustery day? Well, the 100 Acre Wood must have been in Logan County, Ohio. Scott and I were out at the site for most of the day. The day was overcast and windy. Good grief was it windy!! That is one thing about the place we picked to call home…..we will have plenty of wind.
Tomorrow I leave with two out of the three kids to go back to Tennessee. The oldest child is staying with Scott. They will have some time together. They will probably drive each other nuts, but isn’t that part of the parent child relationship? haha. The younger two have soccer so they are going with me. I promise when I get back to Tennessee that I will post some good, long blogs. Like I said the other day it’s hard to blog in a sardine can…..This is not to mention that this trip we have had more living things in this apartment then just the five of us. We caught a mouse in the kitchen this morning. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and found “evidence” of a furry friend. Hmmm…..the chillier weather is bringing critters inside. This totally grossed me out. Out went the glue traps. My younger son greeted me this morning with we got him! Yuck. Sure, I like animals….just not in the kitchen….and not little gray ones that squeak. Then my oldest son killed a spider on the TV stand this evening. It’s body was the size of a dime, I’d say. You know how I feel about spiders. Not my favorite. Not even close. I told him to squish it. He wanted to trap it under plastic and “study” it. Uh, no. Kill it. Kill it now. I have to sleep tonight and I don’t want to think about that thing running loose around here. ( Oh, don’t even say it. Don’t tell me there are probably about 10 others running around the apt. that I don’t see. Just don’t even say it. )
I’ve got the creepy crawlies now.

No, I Haven’t Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth

When I’m in Ohio it is sometimes more difficult to blog…I don’t have my optimum blogging power. It’s difficult to blog when I’m either crammed into Scott’s apt. like a sardine or on the rural roads of Ohio where both cell phone reception and wireless internet are practically nonexistent.
We were over at the property yesterday checking out what had been done. Scott was excitedly showing me the plumbing tubing and all that stuff. It is exciting, but to me it just looks like a bunch of insulated tubing. I am a very visual person….it’s hard for me to see tubing and think this is where the kitchen sink will be or this is where the master bath toilet will be. He probably thinks he married a dumb bunny when I just stare at him and smile (and shake my head–like I have a clue as to how this foundation, gravel and tubing is going to miraculously come together as a beautiful house in the near future:)
I have to admit, I was pretty excited to stand at what will be the front door and stare down our driveway. I tried to visualize pulling up to our house and turning into the driveway…… Of course, the llama across the street stared back at me. I was probably making him paranoid with all my staring. He probably is wondering what all this hub bub is about.

Part Five–Where I’m At Now

This is the last of my five part series on my years working in special education.
After marrying Scott, I worked for another 1.5 years before resigning from my position at Norwood to come home and teach our own kids. With homeschooling I still get to teach, just teach my own kids. No, none of them have special needs….well, I shouldn’t say that. They all have special needs—just nothing as severe as what I was used to when teaching in the public school. They have normal teenager special needs. ha!
I still get a lot of questions from people about “special needs” issues. I still read a lot about the latest information on special needs, and hope to be an advocate whenever possible. I hope that I will still be able to help students and parents in an advocacy type of way. I have sat on the school side of the table, and after 17 years I pretty much know how the system works. Now, I’d like to be of some assistance to the parents.
I really don’t know how all this will work out, but I’m leaving my options open.
Maybe when we make our move to Ohio, I will be able to help home schooling parents who have children with special needs. Maybe there is a need for that. Maybe I can help. I don’t think I’m done yet. I still believe there is work to be done, goals to be met and children to advocate for….