The Piano That Nearly Killed Us

a tale of two keyboards

Image by windsordi via Flickr

It all started when a friend of mine (whom I will call Lindy) put some items online, that she was getting rid of for FREE. Free being the operative word here. I noticed that she had an older upright piano that she wanted out of her house. It just so happens that hubby and I were in the market for a piano. The fact that she was giving it away spiced up the deal quite a bit. Lindy informed me she just wanted it out of her house. “Heave ho, out it goes” was her new mantra.

This past Thursday evening my two sons, husband, and I trekked off to her house. We were determined to haul this piano to it’s new home in our dining room. After much pushing, shoving, a scratched door frame, a few pieces of wood splintered off of the piano AND possible hernias for everyone involved, the piano was in the trailer. A shout out to “Lindy’s” brother, also known as the strong man. He was a good brother and helped his sister get rid of this hulking hunk of wood. I do believe this particular piano had lead in the bottom of it. It was very heavy. I for one did not lift or push the piano. I was there for moral support for the males. Everyone needs a cheerleader. Just sayin’.

We were getting ready to leave when “Lindy” said, “Look, if it falls off the trailer on the way home…just keep driving. Pretend you have no idea how a piano fell off your trailer. Where in the world did that come from? Then speed off and don’t look back.” Thankfully, the piano cooperated and stayed put on our, what should have been 20 minute trek home, going a whopping 10 m.p.h.

Once we got home the fun started. Let’s just say there was a lot of huffing and puffing. Some body parts got smashed. The dogs ran for cover. We were never so glad to get that piano into the house and rolled into it’s new spot. My husband and I have decided that the piano is staying put until we die or Jesus comes again. Amen.