Tuck Those Buns!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Into the fourth day of  T-Tapp Boot Camp. I’ve managed to survive….which is always a good thing. No more laying on the floor, looking like a dying fish.

1. Knees bent, shoulders back, tuck those buns!

2. Yes, you can!

3. I am hearing that mantra in my head.

4. I am not dead yet.

5. This always makes me happy:)

6. Although, after the workouts I feel sort of dead.

7. That’s just an expression.

8. I don’t REALLY know what dead feels like.

9. Thank goodness.

10. Eventually, I will feel better.

11. Maybe even energized.

12. This workout is teaching me a lot about proper alignment.

13. I don’t want to grow old and look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

14. Not a good look for me.

15. So, I’m taking action.

16. While I am still fairly young.

17. And vibrant.

18. Except when I don’t get enough sleep.

19. Then not so much.

20. By Christmas I might look like an entirely different person.

21. People might not recognize me…

22. With newly firmed muscles and excellent posture.

23. That is my Christmas gift to myself.

24. Merry Christmas to me.

25. Take that, skinny jeans!!!!!

Thank You

Happy Saint (St.) Valentine's Day Heart ? - MC...

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I just wanted to thank all my readers for taking the time to read my blog each day. I love having readers that get my quirky sense of humor, my serious thought provoking blogs, and my occasional political banter. Thank you for making blogging fun for me!

Ode To My Peeps

Thank you, readers for reading each day.

For “listening” to what I have to say.

Thank you for taking your time

To see what’s up, and reading my rhyme.

I enjoy your blogs too

Hearing of all you are going  to do…

Being blog buddies is lots of fun

This is the end…now I’m done.

(I really can write poetry….but, it is early and my brain has not yet kicked into full gear. Please forgive me:)

Gray, Gray Go Away

Hair coloring

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Yes. I color my hair. I have no trouble admitting that. I think that there are a lot of women that color, high light, or color wash their hair. Whether they admit it or not.

It’s hard when you are blond as a child, and then your hair “turns on you” as you get older. I didn’t want hair that was sort of light brown, sort of dark blond. So, I helped my hair out, with the blond…and have never looked back. I have left instructions with my children. If I should pass away, and there is an open casket (which should happen, in lieu of some catastrophic accident) they better make sure that my hair is colored! If not, I promised I would come back to haunt them. Gray hairs and all. I think I sufficiently scared them.

1. I do not like seeing gray hairs.

2. I blame my kids for those.

3. I know it is time to color when those gray hairs start popping out.

4. I have a deep, philosophical question…

5. Is a gray hair still a gray hair if it is covered with blond, and no one knows the difference?

6. I used to color my own hair. By myself. In secret.

7. It’s cheaper that way.

8. I still sort of color my own hair.

9. The past few times I’ve asked my hubby for some help.

10. It’s easier than trying to do the back of my head by myself.

11. It’s hard to see the back of one’s head.

12. Go figure.

13. I’m assuming he is doing a good job of it.

14. Because no one has said anything to me

15. Like, “what’s with the freaky hair?” or

16. “Are stripes a new look for you?”

17. I must appear normal.

18. Whatever THAT means.

19. ‘Cause those that know me

20. Can really find the humor in that.

Boot Camp

At sea aboard USS Bataan (LHD 5) Sept. 24, 200...

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A couple of years ago my sister in law told me about a workout called T-Tapp. I tried to stay focused on the exercises but, at the time we were beginning to build a new house out of state, pack boxes, and things were just crazy. To say the least.  This is not to mention I didn’t have a square foot of space to exercise in. That is not an exaggeration.

I am now ready. I was going to start boot camp last week, but could not find my DVD. I’m happy to say that my daughter located it and we had our first session last evening. This is how it went…

1. Teresa Tapp is older than I am, but the woman is perky.

2. I would like to be perky.

3. When I am bending my knees, tucking my butt, and pushing my shoulders back…

4. Not so much.

5. Perky is not the word that comes to mind.

6. I won’t say what comes to mind.

7. I’m doing the 14 day boot camp.

8. This is not like summer camp.

9. More like a concentration camp.

10. That’s okay, though.

11. I am focused this time.

12. When I’m truly focused, I am like a dog with a bone.

13. I won’t give up.

14. Even if it kills me.

15. And it might.

16. Honestly, Teresa Tapp is spot on when it comes to working muscles layer by layer.

17. She comes from a physical therapy/exercise physiology background.

18. She gets it.

19. And I appreciate that.

20. She also promises loss of inches.

21. I’m all about fitting into my skinny jeans, again.

22. Don’t laugh.

23. I have a goal.

24. My new motto is, “Best I Can Be By 43 or Die Trying”

25. That’s snappy, huh?

26. In the meantime my 15 year old daughter and I are going to be the workout queens.

27. Or maybe I should say, “Queen and princess.”

28. Last night we thought we were dying…I, for one, was in need of resuscitation.

29. The men in the family might have found us curled up in a fetal position.

30. Twitching.

31. Mumbling about tucking out butt…..

32. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

33. Because we are women.

34. And we are tough.

35. And we will be fit and fabulous in no time.

36. If we aren’t dead first, that is.

Hot And Steamy

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People, people, people. What am I going to do with you? My blog title is about coffee. Get your minds out of the gutter.

1. I didn’t even drink coffee until I was 37 years old.

2. I am a slow starter, I suppose.

3. I went on coffee dates with my hubby.

4. He drinks his straight up black.

5. I can’t choke that down.

6. I drink mine straight up with flavored creamer.

7. I’m hard core that way.

8. Yesterday we were at Walmart.

9. See what I mean? We are always at Walmart.

10. We should be part owners of the place.

11. Anyway, my husband and I stood at the coffee creamers and tried to decide on a flavor.

12. I told him I wanted something that said, “Fall”.

13. He tolerates me and my whims.

14. I love him.

15. And I think I will love the Cinnamon Vanilla flavor we picked out.

16. I’m drinking a mug while I blog this morning.

17. Good stuff.

18. I think I will also get a pumpkin spice.

19.  This is so much better than plain ‘ol black coffee.

20. I am not a coffee wimp.



Ground Hog

Image by Gone-Walkabout via Flickr

This past week there was a tragic death.

It was a hit and run.

Well, really not run.

More of a hit and “clunk…clunk”

My oldest son and I were driving on our way back home from school.

We were talking and laughing

Almost home

When a kamikaze ground hog ran right in front of the van.

I tried to swerve

Mr. Ground Hog must have swerved too

Which was not in his favor.

Thud. Clunk. Clunk.

My son looked. I looked.

We could see no dead ground hog on the road.

This leaves us with two morbid scenarios.

One, he was badly injured and ran off into the ditch to meet his maker.

OR…he is still stuck up underneath the van.

My son thinks it is the latter.

I don’t know.

Which is kind of gross.

If that is the case, I hope he doesn’t fall off at some inopportune time.

This is my life.

Other people might lose oil, or a muffler, or something mechanical off their vehicle.

No, not me. I lose ground hog parts.


Sorry, Mr. Ground Hog…but why did you run into my tire?

A Taste Of The Holidays…

Pasas te-chocolate

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My husband and I were at Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon. This is not a shocker to anyone that knows us. We are always forgetting something, and having to make yet another run to Wal-Mart.

1. We were in the check out line.

2. I was perusing the magazine rack, as I am wont to do.

3. While my husband ran the stuff through the scanner.

4. I do not need to see Kate (of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame) in a bikini.

5. Fame has gone to her head…and obviously to other parts of her body also.

6. ‘Nuff said.

7. Someone was having somebody else’s alien baby.

8. Who knew? And does the Daddy look like the cuties on the show “V” ?

9. Just sayin’.

10. I mean if you are going to be part of an alien couple, he may as well be cute.

11. Before he eats you for dinner.

12. I looked at a country decorating magazine.

13. And planned out some beautiful decorating schemes for our house.

14. I will fill my husband in on that later.

15. Or not.

16. He doesn’t care about decorating the way I do.

17. He’s a man.

18. He is more into function than beauty.

19. Okay.

20. Seriously people, what is the point of gnats?

21. I hate them.

22. I wish it would get cold and they would all die.

23. They keep getting in my tea.

24. Yuck.

25. Anyway, I realize I’m off track.

26. Ummmm……

27. Oh yeah. Then I spotted my magazine.

28. BEST HOLIDAY RECIPES-320 CLASSICS, from Taste Of  Home

29. I convinced my husband that I NEEDED this magazine.

30. It was a matter of life and death.

31. And awesome food that will cause us to gain 900 lbs by January 1st.

32. Just so you know, in case you care…

33. There are no low sugar, low carb, low calorie recipes in this addition.

34. I see a lot of butter.

35. A truckload of sugar.

36. And salt is your new best friend.

37. If you are going to die, you may as well go with a big smile on your face.

38. And a full stomach.

39. I’ve already decided on a tasty gift for friends….

40. Enjoy your cinnamon, espresso butter!!!