Prayer Journals

This morning, during my daily devotion, I was looking through my prayer journals from previous years. I came across many entries that reminded me once again that God IS indeed in control. I can look back now and see the tapestry that God has and is creating in my life. Don’t we all have times in our lives (if we are willing to admit it) where we wonder where God is? Truly our human minds cannot possibly understand an infinite God. We try though. If you are anything like me you have at some point demanded to know what was going on? What is the game plan? God, why can’t you give me a glimpse of what my future holds? And yet, He sometimes chooses to be silent. It is at those times when He calls me to just trust Him. Even when my understanding is so shallow. Even when my circumstances are frustrating or overwhelming. He has not called me to an easy life as His follower….but He has called me to a life of hope and joy as I abide in Him.
I want to share an entry that I wrote on Friday April 29, 2005.
“As the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are…my thoughts than your thoughts.” Is.55:9
Lord, your ways are not my ways–You see the big picture–you know what I don’t. What I can’t possibly know. You see the future…whereas I can only live in this moment. It’s just my job to trust You. Completely. Help me Lord to do Your will for my life….and to do it well. Amen

Floor Sealant

Okay people, so talking about concrete floor sealant might not be a popular topic with many….but do I care about popularity? No. So therefore I am going to dedicate today’s blog, in it’s entirety, to the whole glorious floor sealing adventure.
Scott and I tackled the powering washing/squeegee/wet vac yesterday to prepare our new home’s colored concrete floors for the sealing today. Our floors have what I now like to call the “Tuscany” look. The floors have color variations of brown with various color shades and striations. It has sort of a leather look about it. The sealant gives it a high gloss that is just plain cool looking.
I just hope Scott and I don’t each grow a third eye, an extra appendage or have our skin turn a fluorescent green color due to breathing in toxic fumes all day. All this so we can have a beautiful, unique floor in our new house. Go figure.
Our new house (when it is done–and thank goodness it almost is!) is truly unique. I like to call our house a blend of traditional (beautiful cherry cabinetry, lots of handcrafted wood), industrial (with concrete floors, radiant floor heat and large windows), and shabby chic (the melding of two houses full of junk er…..I mean stuff.)
Yes, this house building thing is probably one of the hardest things Scott and I have ever done….but we’ve learned endurance, focus and vision throughout this ordeal. We are still happily married and plan on enjoying our new home very shortly…..even if we had to sacrifice some of our brain cells along the way for that slick new floor.

Glaze On!

Just a short note to let my readers know that I am alive. I’m in Ohio right now at the house site. Scott and I are in the middle of glazing the wood deck around our whirlpool tub. It really turned out beautifully. I can’t wait until this house gets finished so we can actually get in the tub and use it….instead of just standing in the bathroom and staring at it:)
This week we are washing and sealing our floors. Now, doesn’t that sound soooo very exciting? We have colored concrete floors in this new house. (no wood flooring…no carpeting…) The floors will be very unique and pretty….but a real booger to get clean from all this construction dust. (that is an entirely different subject…about how sick I am of construction dust. It coats everything! I keep thinking of all the cleaning this will require of me! Ugh.)
So, anyway. I will amuse you with my witty banter when I get back to Tennessee. Right now, it’s difficult to blog when I’m in the middle of house construction. Besides my laptop is covered in dust…..

Insert Foot

Once again our president inserts his foot in his mouth. I hope it tastes good because it seems like he makes stupid remarks quite often. The latest is his remark on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, about his bowling score being like something from the Special Olympics.
As someone who has spent a huge part of her life working with special needs individuals, I find this offensive. I don’t think it is funny or a joke. It is comparing his bad bowling score with people who have disabilities being in the Special Olympics.
In my opinion this whole episode just goes to show that a Harvard education doesn’t make a person intelligent… knowledge has nothing on true wisdom.

Don’t Say The “G-Word”

My mom sent me an article this morning that I found very interesting. The gist is that a chaplain in Boca Raton, Florida is no longer able to say the word “God” at staff meetings/assemblies anymore. She is one of the chaplains at the hospice facility. Long story short she resigned over this. I give her kudos for standing up for what she believes in and not turning her back on the God she serves.
Does anyone else think that is ridiculous that a chaplain is forbidden to use the name of God? I guess it is not PC to mention the name of God as the holy, sacred name that it is. I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad or offensive if it was used only to swear or curse. That is so sad.
What has become (or is becoming) of our society where people have become so “fragile” that they cannot even hear the name of God without being offended? A spokesperson said that some people sitting in the staff meeting didn’t even believe in God and were uncomfortable with the use of that name. Just maybe that feeling of being “uncomfortable” is their heart trying to tell them something.
How many times have all of us sat in a meeting and someone said something we disagreed with? Or didn’t really believe? I just let it pass and ignored it. I didn’t get all cry baby over it. Are you getting the picture of how sick and tired I am of the PC police censoring everything these days?

HERE IS MY TAKE: It is true the name of God is offensive to many. The name of Jesus even more so. Christianity is an exclusive religion in some ways. We believe that anyone can come to Christ. Race, color, age, male, female, doesn’t matter. BUT we believe that Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father. There are NOT many paths to get to God. Jesus said, “I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life. No one comes to the Father but by ME. If you knew me, you would know my Father as well.” (John 14:6-7) That is what makes it exclusive. That is what makes Christianity different from the other religions of the world.
I can no more deny the name of my Lord and Savior then I could deny who I am. He has changed my life. He is not just a name. He is a person. It is a relationship.