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My name is Dawn. I moved to rural Ohio with my family during the summer of 2009. I love the area…especially at night when I am able to enjoy the stars in the sky without any street lights to obscure the view. I love the Lord, my family, and friends.  I have an old soul…and enjoy all things vintage. Hmmm….I sort of think of myself as eclectic elegant….or vintage with a twist. I love to travel and I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. My plan is to one day—when I have the time— write a book.

About Me

Wow. I keep adding to my About Me page. I started out at 39, then added more at 40, and now at 41.

Something about me that has become more evident as I’ve aged…I’m more aware of my heart health.  No, I’m not really talking about cardio-vascular health (though that is important and I do exercise everday and try to eat better)…I’m really talking about showing love to my family and friends, allowing my heart to be touched by the little things in life, (that turn out to really be the big things), and my general, overall attitude.  My family has been through some very unsettling, life changing things this year. I have struggled….and I’m sure I will continue to struggle with certain issues, but I hope I’m now able to look on certain issues with wisdom.  God continues to work on this heart of mine.  I’m glad He loves me enough to not give up on me.  He diligently works on me…cutting away the stuff that is not really important, filling my heart with a love only He can give and then patiently waiting for me to heal.  God is good all the time. Even when I don’t understand, I trust His hand.

New Addendum:  Now that I’ve turned 40, I thought I’d add something else to my “About Me” page. Here are some things that I’ve learned:

–Life is short for everyone. Make the most of the time you have.

–Be kind. It always matters.

–Words have power, so use them wisely.

–Tell those you love, that you love them. They need to hear it.

–Don’t just survive, LIVE life. You only go around once.

–Take a chance. You’ll never know unless you try.

If I had to pick out 39 words (for each of my 39 years) to describe myself or things I like, then these would be it:

Christian, wife, mom, teacher, family, home schooler, loyal, love, trustworthy, peacemaker, coffee, tea, reader, researcher, old-fashioned, quiet, organized, self-controlled, warm, candles, mittens, cozy, quilts, traveling, history, games, walking, antique shops, vintage, quirky, smile, memories, decorating, friends, internet, casual, chocolate, ice cream, and teddy bears.

34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Life is short, whether someone lives 1 hour, or 100 years. In the scope of eternity it is all just a blink of an eye. Each day is precious and each day matters. I want my life to count for something while I’m here. God has been so good to me. I know that I have a purpose in Him. As a wife, mom, and now home schooler, I continue to work on just figuring life out, one day at a time.

  2. It’s interesting how when we pass 40, we seem to acquire (or maybe it’s just that we recognize) wisdom that we didn’t have the previous 39 years. I’m finding this more and more. A calm and centered wisdom. Not in a “have it all together” sort of way. But in a “God is working in my life” sort of way.

    I love your “about me” update. 😀

  3. 40, eh? Oh, what I would give for 40 again!. As it is, I qualify for two subscriptions to AARP magazine. Life is pretty much what we make of it. Sounds like you’ve done a good job of it. Thanks for the wisdom.

  4. Dawn – I think you’re incredible! Your humor and wit, the way you say what we all think (like the terror of creepy-crawly rodents with fangs & claws!) and keep it in perspective. I’m a huge fan. 😀

  5. I am so glad that I happened upon your blog site today. I read your bio. I worked with special needs children myself and they are God’s precious angels and so much we can and do learn from them. I am now at home and take care of the homefront. I have one son who has already flown the nest but I am picking up a daughter-n-law next summer and I am so excited about having her as a part of the family (plus, it will be nice to have another female around here to balance thing out!).
    From reading your bio, I see we have several things in common and sweet tea being one of them. You are a gal after my own heart.

    May your receive many blessings from sharing over the internet.
    Christmas Blessings to you and good luck with your role as Mary! You’ll do fine.

  6. I hope you find the time for hot chocolate and cookies before it is all said and done. After homeschooling by day and working full-time by night, I sit by the light of the tree until I can’t keep my eyes open. Then I head to bed (around 5 a.m.).

    Have a very blessed Christmas season.

  7. apreciated the whole but, loved the “me in 39 words” what a great way to present your self in a nut shell. . .I might just have to steal the idea if that’s ok 😉

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  9. Discovered your blog after you linked to one of mine (yes, after blogging a month, I realized I needed three!). Anyway, I have browsed many of your pages and can Yes, and Amen, throughout. As I did so, I thought to myself, we could probably go out for coffee and have it last a whole afternoon :).
    Glad I found your blog, I’ll be passing through more often now that I know you’re here (probably with coffee in-hand).

  10. Hi Dawn,
    I just found your blog when you linked to mine. Not only are we animal lovers, but we both live in Ohio. I live in Delaware (Columbus area). I like your blog and your heartfelt writing.

  11. Dawn, I really enjoyed your comments about Horatio Spafford’s wonderful hymn. The words are coursing through my brain cells now as I write to you. Thank you also for your About Me page. I am also concerned with my heart health. Mine, however, follows my open heart surgery on January 26. God was in it with me all the way. What a testimony to his faithfulness. It’s a great story I’d like to share with you some time. I also taught school for 8 years. I taught 7-12 grades. I subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more about what God is doing in your life. Have a blessed day in Jesus!

  12. Hi Dawn,

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  13. Gosh, your writing voice comes through so authentic and warm. You definitely have the gift of exhortation/encouragement. Thank you.

  14. I love what you wrote here! I too have been working on heart issues for the past year. It is quite difficult but so humbling to realize how patient our Lord is! I’m thrilled to be here and will return often to connect with you!

  15. Dawn thank you for sharing about you! I like your 39 words about you. I have many of the same words that I can describe myself as.
    Look forward to reading more of your blog.
    God Bless you and your family 🙂

  16. Hi Dawn!

    This is just to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award, which is given to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Please visit the following link to see the post with your nomination. You are not obligated to accept the award…but I hope you do. You deserve it.

    Here’s the link: : http://meshawnsenior.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/ive-been-nominated-for-the-sunshine-blog-award/


  17. “It just Dawned on Me” When I read that I cracked up so much. So true When it comes to dealing with autism. My sister Sarah has two beautiful autistic child, boy and girl. We have experienced so many hardship together since I helped her raise them. We just recently started blogging and wanted to reach to you as a fellow autism advocate.

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  18. Hi Dawn
    I am going to share your blog site on my Facebook page Thoughts From The Porch. I developed this page with the same concept as someone coming up to your porch to share. It is an opened porch for others to share their thoughts, quotes, inspirations, testimonies and other words of encouragement.

    Stop by on Facebook and check it out and tell your friends about it as well.

    Love reading your blog posts!!

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