It’s Purely Arbonne

I have a new career. Yes, you heard me. After 17 years of teaching, now a home schooling mom, I’ve decided to take on network marketing as a consultant for Arbonne. Arbonne is a company that produces the most awesome color, skincare, weight loss and aromatherapy. It is formulated in Switzerland but made here in the good ol’ U.S. A. (Now, I am not making promises that if you use Arbonne you will be transformed into a beautiful Swiss girl but I for one can dream, right?) Seriously, it is a wonderful company with products that are pure and simple. As I get older (aka “more mature”) I realize more and more how much I need, not just good, but great skincare. Heredity does play a small role in how a person ages, but the majority of aging comes from environmental factors. Thank goodness, I can have some power over that!

I am currently reading a book by Mary Christensen. She is teaching me how to be a network marketing superstar. She is a very good writer and makes things simple enough so that those of us that do not have a business background can still understand everything she says. She is a good “coach”.

This is yet another adventure in my life. I’m looking forward to it. I’m glad I made a decision to try this path. As I get older I realize that many of the things that I thought were scary when I was younger, really aren’t all that scary. I CAN be successful in areas that I never even considered earlier in my life. Yes, starting something new takes discipline and determination, but what truly significant stuff in life doesn’t? I’ll take a tip from the ladies of the Red Hat Society. Put on your hat and go out into the world and don’t worry about what others think. Your happiness and satisfaction in life is totally up to you.

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