Another Interesting Trip To Ohio

Let’s see….I blogged on Saturday night at the motel. So now I’ll fill everyone in on Sunday and Monday. Scott and I were supposed to meet with this man who needed someone to house sit for him while he was in Florida. We thought this would be great while Scott was in Ohio working on the new house. It never panned out. Scott called and left messages, had set up a time to meet …everything. The guy never called back. Obviously, God had other plans for us and house sitting for this man was not part of it. Well, Sunday morning we went to church and it was an enjoyable service. The pastor was getting over being sick so his voice was starting to go, but it was an excellent sermon on living out our faith on a daily basis and teaching our children. So many people introduced themselves to us. Calvary Baptist is a very friendly church. We feel very blessed that God has brought us to this church.

After church and lunch we set off to the stables where we have Breanna’s pony. We got to see Jazz and pet the other horses too. The young woman and man that own the place have a donkey as their farm “mascot”. Boy oh boy was she “talking” to us. For being so small she sure could make a lot of noise! Scott and I got a classifieds paper and looked for apartments for him as we drank our coffee at Tim Hortons. ( a great coffee spot!) We found what sounded like the perfect place in Mt. Victory, Ohio. (near our Amish friend) I called the lady who owned the apartments and she sounded really nice so I set up and appt. for us to see the place this morning. Even though the apartment is an economy apt. and it’s so small Scott could be in the shower and get something out of the refrigerator at the same time, it will work for our purposes. It’s not a problem for us to rent on a short term basis, say 6 months. Scott will also be able to get internet. That is important. I can’t say that I’m thrilled about us being apart on and off for the next several months while our house is being built, but he needs to be there to oversee things being done on the house. I’ll just have to stick it out and be a “single mom” for a while. I have a feeling I might be using the “the look” a lot. If the kids give me too much griping they might “mysteriously lose” their electronics. Of course, we told them that we expect that they will be loving, obedient, and helpful children and that I shouldn’t expect a moments trouble from any of them. (Oh, wait a minute….I think I just drifted off to my happy place……back to reality:)

Oh, I forgot to mention on Sunday evening around 5 we stopped by Mr. Miller’s house. He and his fiance’, Mary, were there. We chatted for about 45 minutes about our house. He is very knowledgeable. All of us pretty much sat around in the dark and talked, until it got really dark and Daniel lit an oil lamp. Mary was very quiet and didn’t really participate in the conversation, but Daniel talks and has a good sense of humor. He said something about them not being like the young people today who find someone on the computer to marry. I about fell out of my seat! I wanted to laugh out loud, but he wouldn’t have understood… I held my laugh in until we left and got in the van to leave. Considering that is how Scott and I met—it just cracked me up. It is such a collision of opposite worlds us (the technological/internet/cell phone family vs. the plain/simple family. So funny. I find it so interesting. I’m always learning something new. (Daniel informed us that they went back to church around 7 and it wasn’t over until 10) While driving back to the motel we saw in the distance this lantern light moving across the field. I said, “what is that?”. Just as we got up to it we realized it was a black buggy, with jet black horses. The Amish use candles in lanterns to light their buggies at night. They also had to put reflectors on their buggies. Daniel has about 9 horses and they are all jet black. Tall and strong, with long legs. They look almost majestic. I have no idea what breed of horse they are, but they are beautiful. He just looks to them as transportation. They have to be good horses that don’t spook easily (cars come right up on them). Monday must be wash day in Amish country. Everyone had their laundry out this morning. It snowed over night and was still snowing this morning…and the wind! It was sooooo cold. I bet that laundry was some kind of cold when they brought it in. Brrr……..

Well, I better go for now. Back to school tomorrow.