Deer, Oh Deer, Oh Deer!!

Another weekend spent in Ohio. We were getting Scott’s “mini” apartment cleaned and ready for him to move into. I scrubbed and scrubbed with Clorox, Murphy’s Oil Soap, and various bathroom cleaners….and probably killed a few brain cells due to the fumes….but it was for a good cause!! MY IDEA of clean and the lady’s idea of clean (that owns the apt.) are obviously two different things! I wanted the place clean for my husband. Now it will be up to him to keep it that way. He probably will, if for nothing else but the fact that he is bored there, all by himself. It will give him something to do when he’s not working or out and about on house adventures. Seriously, Scott is amazing about this house we are building. He has it under control. I am amazed at how he has planned things, made programs to show the walls of the house, has studied how to do things and who to talk with. He really is something else! I am a blessed lady.

Now about the deer….when leaving the village of Rushsylvania Scott and I observed on the snow covered fields at least 60 deer. We would see a couple of dozen, then about 9 or 10, then 20 more etc….. It was very picturesque to see the deer on the snow, with the cold gray sky behind them. The only thing is that we are going to have to be very careful with so many deer around. When we were driving 4 deer ran out in front of our van (far enough ahead that it was no problem….but then again it wasn’t dark yet…that might have been different.)

Ohio is definitely going to be a fun adventure. I’m trying to be patient about moving. I just can’t wait for some space!!

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