Rainy Day Thursday

It took all my determination to get up this morning. It was storming outside. Thunder crashing. Rain pelting. I was warm and cozy all snuggled up in bed. Scott pulled the covers up and rolled over. I wanted to roll over too….but I didn’t. Being the good mom and school teacher I am, I dragged myself out of bed. I put on the green fluffy robe. I didn’t worry about combing my hair or brushing my teeth. (Hey, normally I am on it, but it was gray and rainy and I didn’t feel like it this morning! Before you are too grossed out, I WILL do that in a little while, ok?) I turned the coffee pot on, and then fixed my breakfast and sat down with my devotional book. After that I felt a bit better and a tad more energized for the day. I went around the house flipping on lights and in my most cheery (okay, bordering on psychotic) voice I told the kids it was time to get up and greet the day. It didn’t go well. Greeting the day for them is a few animal sounding grunts and pulling the covers over their heads. I let them know that I am not going away and I can be very persistent. Little do they know (but are learning as time goes on) that in order to be a mom I had to go through basic training, much like the U.S.Marines. I learned how to have a drill sergeant voice, an expression that says “don’t mess with me because I mean business”, and the agility and stealthiness to fly through the air, land on a bed , roll, and whip the blankets off before they even know what hit them. I’m a mom. It’s my job.