Noisy Dishwashers and Quiet Kids

Okay, what is wrong? I’m doing a load of dishes this morning and I’m noticing how noisy the dishwasher is. It’s a fairly new dishwasher, but it’s just noisy. Note to self: New house will have a quiet dishwasher. The kids are quiet this morning. No, they have not fallen back asleep. They are working. Working quietly. I’m glad about this. Hopefully, this will last throughout the day. Hey, at least I can dream.

I really need to go to the grocery store today and I really need to do some laundry. Boy, doesn’t that sound exciting? I need to work up a little enthusiasm I suppose. I know, I know….my family needs clean underwear and they need to be fed. I guess I need to take action. Hey, no one can claim that I don’t care about world peace…..or at least family peace….or at the very least being clean…..well, okay maybe at least fed…..Oh, alright already. I feel guilty for sitting here on the computer. I’m getting up and getting moving!! But now I have a guilt complex. This means I’m going to be forced to buy ice cream at the grocery store this afternoon. It’s a vicious cycle.