Rash, Rash, Go Away!

Now, that it is pretty much over with I can blog about it. Remember I mentioned that after visiting family at Christmas, Scott and I and the kids stopped for 3 days in Ohio? Well, after a day at the inn I noticed my face had a few red splotches on it. I thought it a bit odd, but figured maybe it was just a fluke thing and just put on my make up as usual. Well, Sunday morning for church I noticed that I now had these red areas around my eyes. That scared me a little. I didn’t want anything in my eyes! By Monday (at home) I had a full blown red rash and bumps all over my face…and it itched! It looked like a bad case of acne…but I knew it wasn’t acne…because acne doesn’t happen like this…and acne doesn’t itch like this did. My face never broke out like this before, so what was it? It was embarrassing to me and I didn’t want to be seen. Scott decided he wanted to go to Wal-mart. He wanted me to go with him. I was so self conscious that I couldn’t even look anyone in the eye. That is so not like me. Normally, I am a friendly person and I enjoy smiling at people….but not on that trip! I started taking Benadryll hoping that it would help. Sure enough it did help. Over this week it has faded and is almost totally gone. With my makeup on one can’t even tell I have this rash. Scott and I thought and thought about what could have happened? I hadn’t eaten anything odd–and it didn’t seem like a food allergy, more like a contact allergy. What had touched my face? Then it hit me! The bed linens at the inn!! I had on a long sleeve pajama top and pajama pants so I was covered except for my neck and face. I like to pull the pillow close to me and snuggle up in it. The inn must have used some sort of scented detergent. In August of 2005 I had bought some detergent with “spring fresh” scent in it. I did not normally do that, but it was on sale. Big mistake on my part. I did all my bed linens, towels, wash clothes, clothes….everything. Well, I broke out ALL OVER in these horrible blotches. I was scared to death as this had not happened to me before. Because I had used the detergent on everything I was getting mega doses of this scented detergent. I ended up at the doctors office and he said it was definitely a contact allergy. I had to go on Prednisone to get rid of it.

So, this time the contact wasn’t as bad, but I hate that it was on my face! I have learned my lesson. If we stay at Comfort Inn again (which I liked) I am bringing my own pillow and pillowcases.