Every Bit Of It

Last night I was pondering my life….. nothing life changing, mind you, but just thinking….

Wind chime close-up

The life I have now, might never have been. I am keenly aware of that fact.

I believe, understanding that,  helps me to keep things in perspective.

Sure, I have my good days and bad days just like anyone else. Life isn’t perfect…..

but, how could I expect it to be? Since we, the imperfect, all live in this imperfect world.

With all that said, life can be and still is, pretty good.

I’m getting ready to celebrate my 44th birthday this week. I can’t believe it. Where did the time go?

How can I be 44? The river of time speeds along, carrying me with it.

I want to enjoy my time. Really enjoy it. Not perfectly….but, wholly.

And, Holy………celebrating the moments that God has blessed me with.


Today I give thanks for:

* a great Mother’s Day weekend

* Mexican food

* the sound of new wind chimes

* the wind mill from Tractor Supply

* clucking chickens, and crowing roosters

* walking the dog in my pajamas and rubber boots

* dew on the grass

* crisp, early morning stillness

* egg salad and iced tea

* cards that say I love you

* a mother that is my strongest advocate

* sister’s words of love

* an aunt that gives her time

* touching feet under the blanket

* laughing with hubby

* hugs from my children

* a deck that needs washed

* a yard that needs mowed

* a life that is lived…one day at a time…thankful for it all.

Every bit of it.

2 thoughts on “Every Bit Of It

  1. i really related to this post. i often think about the same thing … like, God, i am so thankful to have been called into being to get to be a part of all this! im thrilled to be! even when times get unbearably tough, i was made, and i was included in the covenant with God.


  2. Just wait until you are 64 —- I can’t believe that most of my life is behind me — it all happened without me even realizing it. Time seems to speed up as you get older, and I’m so aware that I’m missing so much because I can’t keep up with it. Learning to see our blessings each day and what God has done for us is probably the greatest thing you can learn to do. It not only draws us nearer to Him, but also puts a smile on our face that is so contagious to others!!!! Thanks for this today. So glad I stopped by!

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