Heal Our Bodies

I wrote this entry, and then forgot to post it over the weekend. I had good intentions…but, then….well. So, here is my post that I meant to put on my blog yesterday. Hopefully, my forgetfulness will not be an omen for how the rest of my week will go.


The last post in my weekend gut health series will be introducing Dave Asprey. I listened to his interview at the Healthy Gut Summit 2015, sponsored by Donna Gates of Body Ecology. His segment was entitled, BioHacking The Gut. Dave stated that he had bio-hacked his own biology. He lost one hundred pounds and upgraded his brain (and IQ). Dave is a blogger and podcaster, and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. If you ever heard of or tried “bullet proof” coffee, he is the man behind the scenes of this fast growing, healthy coffee, trend.

I was intrigued by what this man had to say, from his very first words during the interview. He started by talking about MCT oil. Some of you may know what that is, others may not…..so I’ll give you his brief description from his Bullet Proof site.< MCT is> “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) work directly in cells to give you an extra boost to maximize your performance.  Very little MCT oil is stored as fat because it is used for energy so quickly!”

MCT oil will re-awaken the thyroid (which regulates your metabolism), and give a burst of energy. We already know that coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-yeast, and fat burning…it actually helps to put our bodies in ketosis mode. Ketosis is a normal metabolic process, something your body does to keep working. When it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn for energy, it burns fat instead. As part of this process, it makes ketones. (WebMD. 2015. What is Ketosis?) According to Dave, his MCT oil is 6x more powerful than coconut oil.

In his bullet proof coffee, he calls for good, organic coffee, real butter or ghee from grass fed cows, and some of that power packed MCT oil. The coffee comes out smooth and creamy with a bit of froth on top, reminiscent of a hot latte. By the way, real butter contains butyric acid which helps gut lining, and reduces brain inflammation. (an interesting article on butter from Dr. Mercola) It is great to drink (or eat) wonderful creaminess and to know that it is also extremely healthy. Who could ask for more? If you are not a big fan of coffee, MCT oil and it’s benefits, can also be used when cooking, and in soups to enhance the flavor of whatever it is that is being cooked.

Eating clean, and eating “real” foods will help us to lose weight, gain energy, and heal our bodies.

Health And Nutrition


Today’s post is about what I learned from Dr. Josh Axe at the Healthy Gut Summit 2015. I have to mention that Dr. Axe is one of my favorite “go to” guys for all things health and nutrition related. During the Summit he discussed autoimmunity and how it affects the gut, or maybe I should say how the gut affects autoimmunity.

If a person has an autoimmune disease, in layman’s terms, the person’s body is having an abnormal immune response. There is an immune attack on the body’s tissue. It causes inflamed or leaky gut among many other symptoms. (If one has leaky gut, substances escape through the lining of the gut, out into the body, the body detects it and has an automatic immune attack). According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), autoimmune diseases affect up to 50 million Americans. Dr. Pamela Smith, who spent 20 years as an ER doctor and now works in functional and nutritional medicine and was at the Healthy Gut Summit said that there are now 104 different autoimmune diseases! That is staggering to think about. If you, yourself, are not affected by an autoimmune disease, I’m pretty sure you probably know someone who is. (a list of the different types of autoimmune diseases)

Dr. Axe stated that a leaky gut causes inflammation which causes food intolerances and autoimmunity. Some symptoms might be bloating, fatigue, skin issues, weight gain, or adrenal fatigue. It is not all bad news…..there are ways to heal the gut, and in turn help you feel better. Stay away from grain and sugar (two big foods that cause inflammation in the body). Get serious about not eating genetically modified foods (GMO’s). Conventional dairy is hard on the gut and vegetable oils are not healthy fats. A diet high is phytic acid causes a myriad number of problems. On his site he states, “Phytic acid (phytate) is a mineral blocker and enzyme inhibitor found in grains, nuts, seeds and beans which can serious health problems in our diets.The main reason phytic acid has become an issue today is because we have stopped ancient food preparation techniques such as sprouting or sourdough fermentation which kills off the phytic acid.

According to research published in the The Lancet a diet high in phytic acid will create mineral deficiencies and cause osteoporosis…” (see what else Dr. Axe says about phytic acid--a very interesting article)

Instead, we should eat foods for healing! Foods that are easy to digest, plenty of vegetables and fruits, saturated fats, and the essential amino acids of proline and glycine (found in bone broth). Read about these amazing amino acids, here.

Educating one’s self on how to eat clean, and eat for optimum health should be everyones goal! There are many wonderful foods out there, that will allow us to feel better, look better, and have more energy. None of us should settle for the Standard American Diet (SAD).

The Clock Marks Time

It has been awhile since I’ve had time to write a blog post. Life seems to be so busy for me lately! I’m sure that most of you, my readers, can relate? The pendulum, on the dining room clock, swings to the beat of the seconds, minutes, and hours. I watch it from my perch on the kitchen stool. I take one of those moments to contemplate.

The making of moments happens as the clock marks time. Marks milestones. Marks life….but, my heart marks the moments.

I am more aware of the passage of time, as I age. No longer cavalier, in my attempts, to make the moments last just a bit longer.

One child, now young man, out on his own. The other son, came home from college for Thanksgiving. He has a new life at school apart from us.  A daughter who is working on finishing up her senior year of high school. Another daughter raising her children and making her way. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary this month. He and I were talking about that fact last night. Time, where does it go? And so quickly? Both of us were widowed young, and started over again, with each other….nine years ago.

This past weekend I decorated the Christmas tree. I unwrapped the delicate ornaments from the box. The dates on the ornaments brought me back to another time, years ago. Sweet memories, tucked away in my heart.

I’m working on embracing the time I have. Right now… this day.

So thankful for:

a scarf and coat, clean, cold water, protein shakes, gray winter sky, safety on the road, a husband that I love to hang out with, a fuzzy puppy, all my dogs and cats, and chickens and horses, the view from the back of the barn, the warmth and comfort from a favorite sweater, children that are growing up and making their own lives, friends that I can be myself with, Christmas tree with white lights, Advent candles, hot chocolate and fresh popcorn, a vehicle that is dependable, the smell of pumpkin spice, and peppermint. Things both big and small…..


True Thanks Giving

It snowed last night, and most of the morning. The local schools were cancelled due to the weather, and I find myself sitting here at the kitchen table, staring out the window, enjoying the snowy  weather. Yes, it is not even winter, and yet it looks like the middle of January. There are several inches of snow and a nice stiff breeze to go with it!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and to be honest, I can hardly believe it. Do you feel the same? The months seem to rush, while I am left trying to hold tightly to the sands of time. I need time….time to slow down and give thanks, because there is much to be thankful for.

It seems as if Thanksgiving often times get overlooked, as a less important holiday, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Without taking time to give thanks for all that we have, we forget. We forget all the things in this life that God gifts us with, from the small daily joys to the larger life changing miracles. We need to stop. Stop and recall. When we recall all the ways He loves us, we can understand true thanks giving.

Psalm 69:30  I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.


The In Between

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In between


The in between is often times the unknown.

Beginnings can be interesting, or exciting, or maybe even down right scary.

Endings can be sad, or frustrating, or maybe a relief.

It is that in between that can be difficult.

And sometimes that journey of the in between is what makes all the rest, worthwhile.

The waiting is between the beginning and the end…



Friday Harbor



28 Jun 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

Friday, time to crack open the chocolate ice cream and unscripted version of beautiful you!


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In between

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Thankful For This Day

Thankful for this day.

It is a gift.

Pink nail polish.

Even, if it is a Monday.

Even, if it is raining.

Even if I’m not at my perfect weight,

I’m having a bad hair day,

or I don’t complete today’s to do list.

It is still good…because God is good. He is good all the time, even when I don’t understand.

A friend’s sister, who recently went to the doctor for a “routine” procedure, was instead told the doctor had found that she had aggressive cancer, and barring a miracle she might not live out the month. Aggressive chemotherapy to try and shrink the mass. Praying for that miracle. My heart aches for her, and her family.


What would I see as a gift, if I knew I only had 30 days left to unwrap those things?

* raindrops on the window pane

* a cold wet, dog nose

* hugs from my children

* kissing my husband

* the softness of my favorite pillow

* the warm glow, and sweet smell of a burning candle

* the smell of a freshly mowed lawn

* warm, just laid, eggs

* emails from friends and family

* a new bottle of pretty pink glitter nail polish

* faces, I’d memorize those faces

* the Word, worn and read….notes taken, passages underlined

* the sweetness of chocolate, peanut butter ice cream…my favorite

* knowing my Heavenly Father in a very real and personal way


Snowing Again

The Gypsy Mama

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It’s snowing again.

White, fluffy flakes floating down to the earth.

Winter is here, and I can feel it give birth….

to crisp, cold air. Drifting snow…

and bundling up, with no place to go.

Blankets of white fold into the ground

The hush of snow, a quiet sound.

Snowed trees on mount Brocken, Harz, Germany

Thankful For Butterflies

English: Monarch butterflies









The cloud of butterflies flew up into the sky, dots of pale yellow wings against an azure sky.  For one, brief, fleeting moment time stood still. I was mesmerized by these simple creatures. Simple in their flight, golden in their beauty.

This Monday, not so different than all the other Mondays of the year, and yet……. no day is ever exactly the same.

There is always something to be thankful for.


Today I am thankful for:

* the quiet breathing of my husband sleeping next to me

* fresh eggs from my own chickens

* being in the midst of a cloud of butterflies

* a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream

* sharing stories

* meeting someone new

* friends

* walking around the property

* feeling at home

* a son’s new car

* happiness in a mother’s heart

* tender moments with my children

* lively discussions

* singing Christmas carols in August

Every Bit Of It

Last night I was pondering my life….. nothing life changing, mind you, but just thinking….

Wind chime close-up

The life I have now, might never have been. I am keenly aware of that fact.

I believe, understanding that,  helps me to keep things in perspective.

Sure, I have my good days and bad days just like anyone else. Life isn’t perfect…..

but, how could I expect it to be? Since we, the imperfect, all live in this imperfect world.

With all that said, life can be and still is, pretty good.

I’m getting ready to celebrate my 44th birthday this week. I can’t believe it. Where did the time go?

How can I be 44? The river of time speeds along, carrying me with it.

I want to enjoy my time. Really enjoy it. Not perfectly….but, wholly.

And, Holy………celebrating the moments that God has blessed me with.


Today I give thanks for:

* a great Mother’s Day weekend

* Mexican food

* the sound of new wind chimes

* the wind mill from Tractor Supply

* clucking chickens, and crowing roosters

* walking the dog in my pajamas and rubber boots

* dew on the grass

* crisp, early morning stillness

* egg salad and iced tea

* cards that say I love you

* a mother that is my strongest advocate

* sister’s words of love

* an aunt that gives her time

* touching feet under the blanket

* laughing with hubby

* hugs from my children

* a deck that needs washed

* a yard that needs mowed

* a life that is lived…one day at a time…thankful for it all.

Every bit of it.

Inspiration Board

Above my desk I have a bulletin board. The board is filled with pictures pulled out of magazines, things that I found interesting, or beautiful, or both. Quotes written down. Swatches of fabric. Favorite recipes. I call it my inspiration board. If someone “read” my board, they’d get to know me

a little bit better.


Words. That have meaning…

Best chocolate chip cookies I've made in decades.

Pictures that create a story.


The story of a life.


How many times do we intentionally think about our life’s story? When others look at us, what do they see? What would we like for them to see? What will our legacy be? Do we live in the moment, enough? Heart full of love or longing? Grateful or grating? Hopeful or hopeless? Thanking or thankless?


While we should not live our lives for the opinions of others, we should be aware of the impact that we have on those around us. It matters not whether your domain is a house full of children, or managing CEO of a fortune 500 company. Warm chocolate chip cookies can taste just as scrumptious as any Parisian fare. Trips to the Grand Canyon, or trips around the world. A helping hand, a quiet smile, changing diapers, or changing an attitude. Our circles of influence are unique to us.


We all have a life to share. I think of my life, much like my favorite books. Some of the pages are dog -earred, favorite lines are highlighted, sometimes there is a note in the front pages from the giver of the book, maybe some smudges from fingers that were….um…snacking while reading, the cover may be a little wrinkled and frayed because of being well loved and the binding might get worn from opening up so much…..but, that is alright. A well read book is usually valuable for what it has on the inside.


What does your story reveal?


What will be in your next chapter?




Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever… Psalm 23:6  NIV