Some Gave All

Some Gave All—- sung by, Billy Ray Cyrus

This is a solemn day to remember that many gave…but, some truly did give all.

Born in 1968, I was too young to remember Vietnam. I had just graduated from college when  Desert Storm/the Gulf war was in full swing. I wrote to a soldier. We were sort of pen pals. He was a 22 year old young man from Iowa, named Pete. I had my whole class sending him cards. Then in 2001 the whole world seemed to change after 9/11.

I think those who have served, would agree with me that war is never pretty. That they were scared out of their wits at times. That they knew what it was to be dirty, and hot, and lonely. They would also say they understand  sacrifice, bravery, courage, and hard work.

These men and women stood (and continue to stand) in the gap….knowing that freedom is never free.

I am thankful for the many brave men and women that have served, and continue to serve in our United States military.

Thank you.


Today I am thankful for:

* those who would lay their life on the line, to keep me safe

* freedom

* the red, white and blue flapping in the breeze

* America the Beautiful


* cooking out on the grill

* Memorial Day

* remembering

* A God who is with me (us) always…