The Great American Travel Adventure

I think it’s the sunshine that does it to me. The longer days, the warmer nights. I often go outside and look up at the endless puffy clouds…the vast expanse of sky…and….

I want nothing more than a full tank of gas and a map.

This country I live in, is beautiful and interesting and exciting and inviting….and I want to see it all. I want to meet the people, hear the stories, make the memories.

It happens to me every year at this time.

I pull all my travel books off the shelf. I peruse various scenic highways and byways. I have a longing to see that which will stay in my soul, long after the pictures fade.

So, I was thinking…. Wouldn’t it be fun to travel? You could come along with me. We could “virtual travel” together. Each week, I will explore  a different state and you’ll be along for the ride. (even though today is Wednesday…I’m thinking that Tuesday would be a better travel day)

Put on something comfortable, turn the radio up loud, and lets hit the road!

Hold on, just a sec. I’ll be right back. I’m going to close my eyes and randomly pick a state on my U.S.A wall map.

Here goes……and the first stop will be Mississippi!

Mississippi state welcome sign

Tune in Tuesday, for our first destination. Related articles