Juggling Is Not My Thing

Jongleur Spanien Circus Balls

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Juggling, really is not my thing. I always drop the balls. I might try again, but most likely one ball will go shooting off in one direction and another will hit the floor. Sigh.

In the big scheme of things whether or not I can juggle really doesn’t matter. I’m not planning on joining a three ring circus anytime soon. (Although on really difficult days, I will admit, the thought has crossed my mind.)

How many times have I tried to juggle things in my life? Not balls, or fruit….. but, schedules, lists, quiet time, responsibilities, friends? How many times have I allowed certain things to crash to the ground because I realized that I can’t do it all?

Drum roll, please….I’m not perfect.

If you are anything like me, you aren’t perfect either. Isn’t it refreshing to be able to say that? Just to admit it? Embrace it? ……Big, deep breath.

There have been many times where I don’t get everything accomplished in a day.  There are things that I had planned, that didn’t get finished… Or even get started, for that matter. I feel overwhelmed. A failure. What is the matter with me? Why can’t I be super wife? Mom? Friend?

I read something recently that was a great reminder —I can’t do it all. I shouldn’t expect that I would be able to do everything. What a relief!  Life is far too fleeting to sweat the small stuff. Now, if I could just remember that on a daily basis.

On that note, here is my list for today:

* Life is short, whether we live an hour or one hundred years…in the scope of eternity, it’s all short. Enjoy it, for the time you have.

*Value each moment. Don’t rush. Slow down. Take it all in.

* Pay attention to the things that matter.

* Tell those you love that you love them. You need to say it, and more importantly, they need to hear it.

* Life is not an emergency, stop acting like it is.

* Give yourself a break. Perfection is not really any fun.

* Thank God for each day…no matter what kind of day you’re having. Each moment is a gift. Priceless…

* God is so good. It’s all by His grace. His sweet, amazing grace.

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.    1 Peter 5:7 ESV

Row The Boat, Ashore….

Lakeville funnel cloud

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It’s raining. A lot. Again.

This Spring has been wet and volatile.

At least there have been no funnel clouds in sight. Yet.

Even though I love to watch the tornado documentaries, I don’t want to be IN one.

Just sayin’.

I have to drive two of my kiddos to a town that is an hour away.

For some academic testing.

That happens each year, at this time.

The test proves how brilliant they are.

Really. I’m not lying.

They are.

Of course, they have wonderful teachers.

I love homeschooling:)

Well, I had better go.

Stuff to do before we leave

I hope this trip doesn’t call for an ark….or red ruby slippers and a trip to Kansas.

Living The Life

Our computers

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As many of you know I am a former, public school, special education teacher. (mouthful, huh?) I loved my job because I loved my students–and their parents. (most of the time) Four years ago I resigned from my teaching career of 17 years to come home. I, with my husband, home educate our own three kiddos. It’s not just a job. It’s an adventure. I’m not talking an adventure, like back backing through Europe. I’m thinking more like living in the trenches in Cambodia. Just teasing. No, really I am. Seriously, people. It’s not Cambodia on most days. Well, unless it is a day that everyone wakes in a bad mood and Dad and I haven’t had our coffee yet. Then we’re talkin’ serious guerilla warfare. Just sayin’.  All in all our kiddos are intelligent, well rounded, and they drive us nuts. On occasion. But, would they be teens if they didn’t? It’s part of the circle of life. I just secretly smile, because I know that one day they will get theirs. God will bless them with children in their spittin’ image. And I will laugh on the inside….because as a grandparent I will spoil my grandkids absolutely rotten (as is my grandparental right) and I will send them back home TO THEIR PARENTS. And I will sleep like a baby:)


1. I know what my children are studying. This is important to me…because I’ve been on “the other side of the fence”, and I know some of the off the wall stuff that is taught in schools, under the guise of character training, or student enlightenment.

2. We can work at odd hours if the need arises.

3. We are not chained to calendars or clocks.

4. My children are readers. They read on a myriad number of subjects, not just assigned textbooks. I learn many things from my own children because of things they’ve seen or read.

5. The kids interact with people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. This opens the world up to new relationships.

6. The kids learn to figure things out on their own. They are excellent problem solvers.

7.  They understand that all of life is a learning experience. It doesn’t end after graduation.

8. We can work in our pajamas if we so choose.

9. The kids are still kids. We all have our ups and downs. No one is perfect. They do know that they are loved. They are not scared to go to school.

10. It’s really cool that I, as the teacher, can smooch on the “principal” during lunch break, and I won’t get in trouble. Yep. There are definitely some perks to this lifestyle:)

Helen Keller had it right when she said, “Life is an adventure…or nothing at all.”



I Can’t Seem To Write

Rainy window, rainy tree

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Do you ever go through periods where you just feel overwhelmed? Blah? Can’t seem to “get it together”? Concentration is elusive? Well, I’m having one of those days. It actually started last night. I feel sort of helpless in the midst of this. I don’t like this feeling.

1. The list in my head keeps growing.

2. Things I need to do.

3. Things I want to do.

4. And yet, I don’t want to think about my list.

5. I need to do more laundry.

6. I should do my daily house cleaning.

7. I just want to watch TV.

8. Normally, I don’t even like to watch a lot of TV.

9. What is the matter with me today?

10. My brain hurts.

11. I feel like I should be doing something.

12. Something impressive.

13. Something original.

14. Something meaningful.

15. And yet…here I sit.

16. No energy.

17. A headache.

18. Desire with no drive.

19. I don’t like this feeling.

20. Not one bit.