Row The Boat, Ashore….

Lakeville funnel cloud

Image by soozums via Flickr

It’s raining. A lot. Again.

This Spring has been wet and volatile.

At least there have been no funnel clouds in sight. Yet.

Even though I love to watch the tornado documentaries, I don’t want to be IN one.

Just sayin’.

I have to drive two of my kiddos to a town that is an hour away.

For some academic testing.

That happens each year, at this time.

The test proves how brilliant they are.

Really. I’m not lying.

They are.

Of course, they have wonderful teachers.

I love homeschooling:)

Well, I had better go.

Stuff to do before we leave

I hope this trip doesn’t call for an ark….or red ruby slippers and a trip to Kansas.

Weather Geek In Action


Image via Wikipedia

I have told people on more than one occasion that I am a die hard weather geek. I have to check out the NOAA page several times a day. One never knows when the weather might change. I have to be prepared after all.

1. I checked the NOAA page this morning per my normal routine.

2. I saw, in bright red letters, HAZARDOUS STORM WARNING.

3. Oh, the excitement.

4. There could possibly, maybe, sorta, kinda be a storm that might push into Ohio this weekend.

5. It’s always “possibly” because we all know weather is an exact science.

6. There is no doubt the temps will plummet to HIGHS in the teens.

7. With wind. That is the killer.

8. Just don’t know how much snow is on the way……

9. Our first snow of the season was on December 1.

10. It has flurried and been freezing cold, every day since.

11. Omen for the rest of the winter?

12. A possible storm on the way.

13. You know what this means, don’t you?

14. A trip to the grocery store.

15. I have to lay up provisions. In case we are stuck in the house until the Spring thaw.

16. We at least need hot chocolate and plenty of ingredients for cookie making.

17. With that, we could pull through until the Spring.

18. Or at least until a snow plow comes down our road.

19. After all my family has priorities.

20. If I was trapped in the house all winter with my family without hot chocolate and cookies, it would be bad.

***I would end up like the Jack Nicholson character in The Shining. We all know THAT didn’t end well.***