For All Things…

Two young Nokota mares

Early morning sunshine steaming across the open field, turning grass and weeds into stalks of gold.

A cool breeze feels good on warm skin.

Blooming roses, and the smell of lavender fill the air.

Petting the dogs, cats, and horse… telling them “good morning”, knowing they understand every word.

Being thankful for all things, in all things.

Joy does not come from perfection, because no life is perfect…my life included.

Joy comes from choice.

A choice I’m making to see all the things in my life.

Nothing is too big… nor too small

to be thankful for.


Today I am thankful for:

* spinning windmills

* silly dog and spilled dog food

* chores completed…for now

* petting the horse

* playing fetch with the dog

* emails from friends

* a grandmother’s legacy

*  provision prayers answered

*  a multitude of pretty butterflies

* a shaded front porch

* time spent with my own thoughts

* being creative

* God who freely gives gifts

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