Today’s, Five Minute Friday, prompt is: Grateful.
















The moon shared its light last night, spilling out across the field and lawn. The pale shimmer of the metal barn roof, glowed in the darkness.

Even the ordinary is extraordinary when bathed in moonlight.

The frogs were loudly croaking their night song.

Some of the geese were up late, talking in the night.

I stopped on my way back from the barn.

I drank it all in, the simple, the ordinary.

In the distance I heard dogs barking at something only they could see.

The stars stood out against the black velvet sky, assisting the moon with their light.

I’m grateful for this piece of life. 

This stillness that allows me to hear Him…. see Him.

“Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created.” – Revelation 4:11  


When The World Tips Wildly














When the world tips wildly,

and not one more thing can be crammed onto the lines of this life,

thoughts swirling….and life feels crazy dizzy.

When I can’t take one day at a time, because the days they rush.

The minutes swirl by at a rapid pace,

like white water crashing on the rocks of time.

The realization happens slowly, almost as a calming whisper.

Be still, and know that I am God.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
Today, even in the deep, white water, I am thankful: 
*beautiful sunrise
*cats sleeping so peacefully
*graduation announcements
*cold green tea
*fresh new sheets
*a favorite magazine
*songs that make the soul sing
*looking forward to family visiting
*a freshly mowed front yard
*bright yellow dandelions against the emerald green
*fenced back field with a background of clear blue sky and white clouds
*God who gives peace, even in the midst

For All Things…

Two young Nokota mares

Early morning sunshine steaming across the open field, turning grass and weeds into stalks of gold.

A cool breeze feels good on warm skin.

Blooming roses, and the smell of lavender fill the air.

Petting the dogs, cats, and horse… telling them “good morning”, knowing they understand every word.

Being thankful for all things, in all things.

Joy does not come from perfection, because no life is perfect…my life included.

Joy comes from choice.

A choice I’m making to see all the things in my life.

Nothing is too big… nor too small

to be thankful for.


Today I am thankful for:

* spinning windmills

* silly dog and spilled dog food

* chores completed…for now

* petting the horse

* playing fetch with the dog

* emails from friends

* a grandmother’s legacy

*  provision prayers answered

*  a multitude of pretty butterflies

* a shaded front porch

* time spent with my own thoughts

* being creative

* God who freely gives gifts

With A Thankful Heart

Proclamation for a General Thanksgiving by Gov...

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As we are heading into the Thanksgiving season, I am taking time to think on those things that I am thankful for. In the midst of life’s urgent moments, frustrations, and chaos, it is good to slow down and remind oneself to take pause and say thank you. Each of us has much to be grateful for…

1. My very real relationship with Jesus Christ. It is because of this relationship that all other things make sense.

2. God‘s Patience with me. For all the times I mess up, and yet He loves me.

3. My heavenly Father‘s faithfulness. I can always count on Him.

4. God’s blessings. He has blessed me in ways that I do not deserve.

5. Family…that loves me. People that love me through thick and thin. Through the smiles and the tears.

6. New friends. Old friends.

7. For Saturdays

8. Full Moon

9. Getting to sleep in.

10. Rainy days with a good book.

11. That bad days usually don’t last.

12. Beautiful Fall leaves.

13. Being ABLE to exercise. For hands and feet and legs and arms that work.

14. Hot chocolate.

15. Quiet times.

16. For my blogging buddies. Getting to see their lives through their eyes. For making me laugh out loud:)

17. Warm clothes.

18. A husband that loves me. That reminds me that he is here ALWAYS.

19. For being a mom.

20. For healthy, funny, nerve wracking, nutty, confusing children.

21. A family that loves me. When I’m mother of the year, or a pain in the neck.

22. A mother who loves me.

23. In-laws that accept me, and love me.

24. Good memories.

25. My health.

26. That all sadness usually passes.

27. I am even thankful for the hard times, the sad times, the painful times….because, it is in light of these times that everything else seems so much sweeter.

28. Church

29. Connections

30. Being able to help special needs individuals.

31. Love

32. Feeling useful.

33. My computer.

34. Sunrises/Sunsets

35. Seasons of the year

36. Seasons of life

37. Prayer

38. Pets

39. Classic movies

40. My country.

41. The privilege of voting.

42. Freedom.

43. Flavored coffee in a favorite mug.

44. Forgiveness.

45. Having yet another day to be thankful.