Life’s Doors

Baptist Church Hall, Alexander Road, Acocks Gr...

Baptist Church Hall, Alexander Road, Acocks Green – wooden door (Photo credit: ell brown)

Sometimes the door is slammed shut, and seemingly locked.

Human nature strains to pry it open…pounding and knocking.

At times like this, God says, “no, or not yet”.

Pleading with God… I need this. I WANT this. Why won’t you allow it?

I just don’t understand.

And, the truth is, I don’t. Not really.

I’ve dealt with many closed doors in my life, but haven’t we all heard that hard slam?

Unsure and incapable of seeing even 10 seconds into the future…yet, I feel I always know what is best?

Kicking. Screaming. Banging. Hand on wood. Sobbing. Sighing.

Many times God says, wait. I know you don’t understand. Just trust me.

But, it is so hard.

Trust me.

But, this is really inconvenient.

Trust me.

Why not yet?

Trust me.

Waiting is not so much about what you are waiting for,

as it is who you are becoming while you wait.