United Socialist America?

What is going on with our country?

Our government officials think that we should allow them to be over a health care plan?! This coming from people who have screwed up Social Security (I’ll never see all the money I put into that!), Medicare/Medicade, bail outs and the Stimulus Package (what a joke)  and any other plethora of things that they’ve put their hands on. I mean this Cash for Clunkers lasted for four days, yes just FOUR days, before they were begging for more money to keep the program going. My thing is this: what happens when people buy the new car and then lose their jobs and can’t pay for it???? Oh, the job loss in this country—that is a whole other issue. The Stimulus Plan, when passed at the speed of light, was supposed to provide jobs for people. Oh, really? Is that why we are going to reach unemployment in the double digits by the end of the summer? How’s that working for us?

Now, the White House has a “snitch” line. If someone thinks a certain individual, or a group of individuals are saying anything “fishy” then they can be reported. Of course the White House assures us they are not interested in people’s names—they just want to have a feel for what is going on. Yeah, right.

If they were really interested in what is going on in the real world they should look no farther then the Town Hall meetings. The average Joe’s and Jane’s are informed.  Hey, most of them have actually READ the health care plan. What a novel idea…to actually read the plan. They don’t like what is going on with the government. They want answers. (and not the answers that are spoon fed to them from the ones at the top) Everytime president Obama is asked a question about the Health Care Plan he side steps and “uh’s” his way through his reply, never giving a REAL answer.  In fact he gets noticebly irritated when pressed for a firm answer. What a joke.  If this plan goes through then this country will never be the same again. It can’t. It can not sustain this program.

The (left) government thinks that we conservatives are crazy. This morning on the news I even heard Mrs. Pelosi calling us Nazis.  Funny that she should say that, because that is just exactly how I feel about her!

One thought on “United Socialist America?

  1. Hi Dawn,

    I’ve read at least a dozen of your entries so far, having just stumbled on your blog this morning from FiddleDeeDee’s. I couldn’t agree with your views more.

    I’m adding yours to my list.:)

    Take care,

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