Life Is A Highway…

I thought I was driving down life’s highway in a vintage convertible with the sun shining down on me, a breeze blowing through my hair, smiling and waving at other travelers. I was feeling rather carefree, actually. I had no idea what lay, up ahead….

Sometimes my GPS reroutes me.  I find myself on an unfamiliar road. I’m in a bad section of town. I wonder if I misunderstood the directions and then I begin to panic. I am utterly and completely lost. This is not how this was supposed to work out.

Then the car of my dreams breaks down, and I’m abandoned on the side of a dark road, what do I do?

That is how I’ve felt about life over the past several months. I thought things were going well. I thought the future looked bright. I was satisfied with the ways things were going for me…for my family. I was lulled into a false sense of security.   Then my car broke down and I was left on a very dark road, in the middle of a starless night.  Even my cell phone was unable to get a signal.  I tried and tried to talk…nothing but silence answered me. Silence.  Sometimes silence is much more unsettling then all the commotion and noise in life. I was scared.

Do I wait for help to arrive? Am I  missed? Do I kick my car and throw my GPS across the field? Do I try to walk alone in the dark? Or do I wait for my Father to come for me? Does my Father even care? Will He be able to find me, since I went off road? I feel very small and very insignificant. I long for my sunny, bright, convertible days as I wait in the dark. Lonely and crying.