Not Being Politically Correct

I read an article the other day about school textbooks. (Being a former public school teacher, anything about education catches my eye)

Did you know that the powers -that -be, that are writing the new (an improved!) textbooks are cracking down on any words that could possibly be offensive to ANYONE? This is another one of those things that would be hysterically funny, if they weren’t so deadly serious about it.

Citizens of this country should not call themselves “Americans”. Heaven forbid! Don’t you silly people know how politically incorrect it is to utter that word? You should only refer to yourselves as “citizens of the United States of America”.  I suppose calling yourself an American is definitely UN-American. We need to get with the program.

Oh, and if you have teenagers in your life, don’t call them that. That word is offensive. Even though these individuals  ARE in their teen years…this is far too limiting for them. They are “adolescent individuals”.  Please remember this, lest your children become offended and rise up against you.

Oh, and may I remind you that if a person truly is poor, you should not refer to them as such.  You say, but they are poor? What should we say? Please…we call them “economically disadvantaged”. You can also say “economically challenged”. (Well duh. Aren’t we all???)

Homeless are no longer home less. They are individuals without residence or without a home.  I suppose home LESS denotes that they are less. That is not true….as that suffix means without….and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a person WITHOUT a home, then truly homeless?

These are but a few of the important changes coming to you via your children’s school textbooks. So does anyone else see the utter insanity of all this? As for my husband and me,  genuine, bleeding red, white and blue AMERICANS and our TEENAGE children… we’ll stick with what is RIGHT even if it isn’t very PC.