Government Isn’t Following Through

Cash for Clunkers has turned into a real rip off. The car dealers that went along with this program are sadly now finding out that the payments that were supposed to be coming from the government are not coming. Time is ticking for these car dealerships that were already cash strapped to begin with. They keep getting told that they’ll get there money, but when will that be? And will it be too late by the time it does come around? Many dealers are opting out of participating in this program because it is turning into a farce. Yet, another way the the government steps in and completely messes things up!

I was listening to the news yesterday. There was a story on about Native Americans and their health care. Evidently, many of the tribes all over the country are given poor health care from our government. One native man said, “if you are going to get seriously sick, or need major medical treatment you better do it before June because after that the money runs out.” If the government health care for Native Americans is in such poor shape and way under funded, what makes anyone think that they will be able to take on, and do a good job of, health care for the entire country?

Is this change we can believe in? Is this the hope that was promised? I think not.