Mish Mash of 2013

I was going to start this blog post with something profound. Something about this being the last day of the year. Something IMG_0181about not looking back, just looking to the future. I think all those things are important…..but, I have an overwhelming urge to just blurt out all the things from 2013. Isn’t that how life really is? We rarely have life happen the way we penned it into our calendars. Things happen that often blindside us. Sometimes good things happen when we least expect them, if we are not attentive we might miss them entirely. Happiness, joy and a full heart. At other times, hard, difficult things happen. Tears and pain can overwhelm us.

I don’t know about you, but I often times am reminded just how small I really am in the scope of time. Small maybe, but not insignificant. My life matters because Christ says it does. My life has purpose in Him and through Him.

Time is something I fight on a daily basis but, the God I serve isn’t chained to calendars and clocks. There is never enough time, or too much and I’m bored. Grasping at moments I never want to forget, and longing to blot out the embarrassments or mishaps of situations gone wrong. All the moments, both good and bad, woven together into the tapestry of my life. Not one second goes by that God does not see. When I struggle with what the future might hold, when worry threatens to tear me apart, and fear of the unknown lurks in the darkness….God reminds me that He is already there. There are no surprises to Him who knows all things. That is so true, you know. Nothing happens to me (or you, either!) that comes as a surprise to The Almighty.

My year in one minute…..let’s see how fast I can type!

Early morning sunrises, breathtaking purples and pinks, quiet stillness and peaceful moments, llamas, dogs, cats, chickens, and a horse, losing my sweet pets Junior and Salem, crying at having to say goodbye, snowflakes and cold wind, crunchy earth, blue skies and standing in the front yard in the midst of green grass and a million yellow dandelions, geese honking, muddy driveway, favorite jeans, and warm sweaters, a trip to Costa Rica, my first time using a passport, making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, getting A’s in my grad classes, rekindling my passion for those on the autism spectrum, a visit from our grandson, the zoo, water rides, and the county fair, living on the deck, church family, camps, missionary speakers, car wrecks, safety of family members, Skyping, visiting with family, laughter, and smiles, Fun Kitchen Fridays and baking new things, shopping, finding new stores, vintage, teaching and learning and second chances. Car trips and 20 questions game, laughing and yelling. Music and radio and hearing my son’s voice. A warm house, cozy blankets and a pillow for my weary head. Kids growing up, and me growing closer to my husband. Moments that I’ve learned to see in the midst of the daily. Blessed so blessed.

One thought on “Mish Mash of 2013

  1. Good evening Dawn, I remember you sharing some of this at GS. You are a very blessed woman, indeed. Thanks for sharing again. xxoo connie fortman

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