Life’s Doors

Baptist Church Hall, Alexander Road, Acocks Gr...

Baptist Church Hall, Alexander Road, Acocks Green – wooden door (Photo credit: ell brown)

Sometimes the door is slammed shut, and seemingly locked.

Human nature strains to pry it open…pounding and knocking.

At times like this, God says, “no, or not yet”.

Pleading with God… I need this. I WANT this. Why won’t you allow it?

I just don’t understand.

And, the truth is, I don’t. Not really.

I’ve dealt with many closed doors in my life, but haven’t we all heard that hard slam?

Unsure and incapable of seeing even 10 seconds into the future…yet, I feel I always know what is best?

Kicking. Screaming. Banging. Hand on wood. Sobbing. Sighing.

Many times God says, wait. I know you don’t understand. Just trust me.

But, it is so hard.

Trust me.

But, this is really inconvenient.

Trust me.

Why not yet?

Trust me.

Waiting is not so much about what you are waiting for,

as it is who you are becoming while you wait.








Splintered Lives


Sometimes I wish things could be…easier. That the rough sharp edges of life might be worn down and made smooth. Too many times I get jabbed with

splinters that leave me raw and aching. On occasion life hurts and even when the pain is gone, scars are there. They are left to tell the story of the hard times. The rough patches.

The hard wooden cross was made from splintered lives…

And isn’t it in this rough, that we all long for more?  And when we are uncomfortable we realize, in our spirit, that this world is not all there is?

The hands and feet seared with the pain of flesh pounded to wood. 

As we approach Easter, and the celebration of the resurrection– shouldn’t we take our splintered lives, our longings for more…..

and lay them at the foot of the cross?

Splintered lives brought to Him…. to the Master Carpenter who makes all things new.

His death and resurrection are the promise–the promise of so much more for those who believe.

The sacrifice sealed with His blood.

Take Me Home To DIY Projects

A while back I blogged, asking my readers to help me figure out what to do with an old picture frame. You can read about it, here.  I finally got around to working on the frame. Here it is, so far.

The plan is to paint a piece of wood, that my husband has in the garage, with chalkboard paint. We (I told my husband I would appreciate his help with this part) will then attach it to the back of the frame. I will have a cool looking chalkboard/memo board when this is done. Old school function and aesthetics.

One old wooden picture frame sanded down. Two coats of robin’s egg blue spray paint. A coat of clear gloss sealer. A leftover piece of thin wood from the garage. A couple coats of chalkboard paint. Attach to back of frame. Add a piece of chalk (an entire box at Wmart is only 78 cents) and an eraser. Then add a cute inspirational message on the board. Perfect.

The other project I currently have under way is this.

I’m going to paint the jars today. I plan on using my jars as candle holders. Perfect for Fall……

Hopefully, by next Tuesday I will have both projects finished for you to see.