Gray November Day

Today I am thankful for time.

English: A Gray November Day

Most days I get worked up over time, the lack of it, really.

Frustration sets in as the clock ticks down the minutes.

I need to quit doing this to myself.

Life should not be a rush to the finish line. Where does the enjoyment go, if I’m racing to meet the clock?

And for what? So I can pack more stuff into my day? Just to be weighed down by the burden of it all?

This life is about more than schedules and check lists, and calendars.

I tell myself this again, as each day it is a struggle.

Slow down. Concentrate.

Just be there.


Today I am thankful for:

* the rain on this gray November day

* morning walk with the dog, raincoat pulled tightly around me

* warm light in the kitchen, pooled on the counter tops

* the smell of breakfast

* new blogs to follow

* beautiful pictures to look at and enjoy

* dreaming

* creative ideas

* reading good books

* my husband, who loves me and wants to share life with me

* healthy kids

* fast approaching holidays

* geese flying overhead

* the car window fixed

* my new haircut

* praying with friends

* God who is faithful


We’ve heard it said that time is our most valuable possession. Twenty-four hours hardly seems like enough time for everything that must get done.  Can we admit that we all feel it? The worn ragged feeling? The frazzled nerves and the trying to keep up? We wake up, and grouch and complain about the early hour. We look at the clock through out the day and either worry that we won’t have enough time to accomplish our tasks, or we attempt to

Clock Face in Shadow

Clock Face in Shadow (Photo credit: KRO-Media)

mentally move the clocks hands forward to hasten the time.

Work to do. Errands to run. Time to rest.

A life to live. A moment to ponder.

Minutes become hours. Hours, days. Before we know it, years have passed.

Most of us are so cavalier with the use of our time. We assume that we have plenty of time to waste.

Time that we have been taking for granted. Time given as a gift.

My human nature is to never be satisfied with time. I want more time to rest…or I have too much time and I am bored. My children seemingly grew up before my very eyes. They look forward to the time ahead, and I look back wondering where it went?

I look in the mirror to see the beginning of wrinkles around my eyes. How can that be? Wasn’t I just twenty-one, yesterday?

And I begin to hear the faint tick…tick….tick of the clock hands moving.

Time doesn’t stop.

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12  NIV

Last night, I listened to a woman speak about time. Her words were both profound and haunting.

At thirty-seven, she has come to terms with the fact that she only has a few months to live. She is in the last stage of terminal cancer. She is married and has two young children…..and she knows that she will soon die.

We all will die…it’s just that some of us realize it.

When I hear something like this…I want to change. I want to do things differently. I want to be present with my eyes wide open.

I want to stop and listen. I want to slow down and enjoy. I want to say the words that might seem embarrassing, but would mean so much. I want to make memories, and etch time with my laughter.

Stopping to smell the roses, is not just a cliche’.  It is a good way of living.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life…the end of my time….and realize that I never really lived.

There is no time like the present…to make that change.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.  Psalm 139:16  NIV

Saturdays Are For Lazy

Today, here in small town Ohio, we are experiencing a nice sunny day. It stormed last night and swept out the heat and humidity. It is a nice break from the stifling heat of last week. There is a lot I love about summer, but the excessive heat is not one of them!

I thought I’d share some views from my front porch for this post.

*Lonnie looking at me through the window screen. He’s so funny, always  “checking things out”.

*Shamus enjoying the shade.

*The road that runs in front of my house.

*The llama field directly across from my driveway.

*A country star, that hubby and I are going to paint.

*The mailbox, standing proudly…with a crooked door…the survivor of an Ohio snow plow.


Enjoy your lazy, hazy day of summer!

The Time Of My Life

Hour Glass

Image by andrusdevelopment via Flickr

Time is a blessing.

On most days, we feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. We scurry around trying to get all the things checked off on our to do lists. We make appointments, try to squeeze in a few hours of sleep, and work, while we watch the clock. Time doesn’t always feel like a blessing. Sometimes time feels like a curse, especially when we feel we don’t have enough of it.We are hardly ever satisfied with time.

The other day I was pondering, time. I was thinking about how time has affected me. Changed me. How my whole life is different–and time has played a role in that. On rough, hard days time mercifully brought night and sleep…knowing “this too shall pass”.  On other days time brought a beautiful sunrise and the excitement of a new day. There are moments in time that are etched forever in my memory. For good and bad. But time has never stopped.

In 1986, I graduated from high school. I smiled as I walked across the stage to accept my scholarship. I knew that my time in high school was well spent.

In 1990 I graduated from college. I knew my degree would allow me to spend time doing what I loved…teaching.

In 1992 I married in the heat of July in the South. In tons of taffeta and lace. And I wondered to myself, why did I pick this time of year?

In 1994 I found out I was pregnant. Time had a whole new meaning to me…as I waited.

In 1998 when my son was three, I wanted time to slow down. Three years old. It was a great year. I wanted to remember everything. Absolutely everything.

In 1999 my husband was diagnosed with a terminal heart disease. Each moment became important. We began to realize that he would not live to old age. And time seemed cruel.

In 2000, when the emergency doctors and nurses yelled, “Code Blue” time stood still. I felt as if I was caught in a slow motion machine. Unable to move as the medical personnel swarmed my husband.

After the funeral, evenings became long…not sure how to fill my time. A new kind of normal.

Five years of widowhood. I realized time doesn’t stop for anyone…and my son and I were going to be okay. Time was therapeutic.

December 2005 . Remarriage. Vows.  A new life. Time seemed promising.

Teenagers in the house…not many years left with them before they move on to their own independence. Time seems to be moving at warp speed.

My husband and I in our 40’s. Within the next decade, facing the “empty nest”. Time has possibilities.

And here I sit. On January 13, 2011. A new year is just beginning. I have no idea what it will hold for me. It’s kind of exciting, and a little scary.

Because time stops for no one.