What Is The Point?

Dust bunny

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What is the point of dusting? Seriously. It just comes back two seconds after I finish dusting. It’s insidious like that. As I sit here, and the early morning sun is streaming through the kitchen windows, I notice that the counter top has a film of dust on it. For cryin’ out loud. I wiped the whole thing down last evening. Last night my son announced that we had dust webs around the living room light that hangs from the ceiling. Sure enough he was telling the truth. Where is the stinkin’ broom?! I got those down. In my defense, a lot of the dust you can’t see, unless the light hits it just right. Maybe I should only put the lowest wattage of light bulbs in the house…so we all can just live in the shadows. Dust wouldn’t matter so much then. Right?


1. Feather dusters are a joke. It just swishes the dust around. Who thought of those anyway?

2. Dusting never is done because there is gunk in the air that settles on everything. Gunk you can’t really see until it lands on your living room table. Or counters. Or lights. Or window sills. Or……..

3. Early morning light is the worst for showing up dust. Maybe I will wear dark sunglasses INSIDE during the early morning hours. It will help me not notice the dust.

4. Furniture polish just smears dust around, but it usually smells lemon-y, so I guess it is okay. My dust at least smells good.

5. I try not to think about the teeny tiny dust mites that are in all this dust. It grosses me out. And causes me to itch. It’s all in my head, but still… Notice I said IN my head, not ON my head. Okay. I’m really freaking myself out.

6. Thank goodness I don’t have dust allergies, because if that were the case I’d have to give up dusting altogether…for health reasons of course. Wait a minute. How can I get a dust allergy? I have one of those machines that is supposed to suck all the dust/allergens out of the air. I don’t have it plugged in right now. I guess I should.

7.I live in a house where we made the decision to have a colored concrete floor. The floor is different and unusual. I like that. I do not like that there is nothing for the dust to cling to…thus, creating dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds. I am forever trying to catch those little nuisances before they morph into a dust monster that will devour us all. Don’t laugh. My family might end up on the front page of the Enquirer as the family that was EATEN BY A MONSTER DUST BUNNY. That would be sad. And embarrassing.

8. I love my dust buster, ’cause I love to bust some dust. I love the machine more than the dust. But, whatever.

9. I also love my vaccum. If one has to clean she can at least have machines with powerful motors. My vacuum has a big head light and sounds like a 747 getting ready to take off. I LOVE it. The cat, not so much.

10. I guess I should quit wasting time and get busy dusting. AGAIN.