Not Waiting For Sunday…

Tim Hortons in Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Always comparing.

Searching for the more, but wanting contentment.

Se-sawing between holding back and living the “yes”.

The ongoing tug-0-war between my will and His perfect one.

I am weary.

I inhale deeply.

My inner voice is irritated. It scratches into my thoughts.

It scans over all that is, acutely aware of all that is not.


The enemy of eucharisteo.

Showing gratitude

changes attitude.

I continue to seek the words of thanksgiving,

knowing that there is joy in eucharisteo.

Joy that comes from worshiping God in the moment.

Praising Him in the here and now.

Not waiting for Sunday, but allowing the Holy into each day.


*a date with my husband

*ice mocha capps from Tim Hortons

*laughing out loud

*stepping out of my comfort zone

*long back rub from my daughter

*morning hugs

*son talking about his journey

*coffee cake

*foggy sunshine

*sudden summer storms

*beautiful decoration

*brilliant yellow bird at the bird feeder

*realizing so much has changed for the better

*opening the gift of a new day


Thanking the One who gives all good things…

Life On The Road

Tim Hortons in Ottawa, ON, Canada

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I won the alphabet game!! Woo hoo! It’s the small things in life that matter…especially when stuck bonding with family on a 9 hour road trip. Usually, my husband wins the alphabet game on family trips. He said he was busy driving and couldn’t fully concentrate. Excuses. Excuses. I take my wins however I can get them.

We played Crack The Code (a mystery card game), and Twenty Questions which my husband also almost always wins.  My husband and I listened to talk radio, and the kids played on their PSP‘s, and computer.  We listened to our oldest son recite poetry. All in all no one pulled their hair out it was a good trip. Family togetherness. Because between the luggage, Christmas presents, and junk we were crammed in like sardines

I am not a fan of toll roads. A family is pretty much stuck in the matter of where to eat dinner on the road. If one gets off the toll road, one pays. Or if one gets off accidentally, thinking it’s a rest area, one pays. Not that, that happened to us. Arrgh.

We ended up eating at Tim Horton’s. I love Tim Hortons for coffee and hot chocolate, but the food is highway robbery expensive. That’s true of most eating establishments these days.

We survived had a good trip.  Enjoying today. Visiting family. Relaxing. Life is good.




Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Chocolate and peanut butter anything….is my favorite. Peanut butter cups, buckeyes, ice cream……anything. Yum. Even a spoonful of peanut butter dunked in a jar of hot fudge. Not that I’ve ever done that. Really, I haven’t. Don’t judge, people! We all have our weak moments. Late at night. In a dark kitchen. Whatever.

Last night my husband and I went to Tim Horton’s. For those of you that don’t know what a Tim Horton’s is…look it up. It is only the best coffee/pastry shop around. I think these shops are only in the northern part of the country. I don’t recall seeing a Tim Horton’s when I lived in the south. I like Tim Horton’s better than any Starbucks. ANYWAY, on with my story. We went there last night because our local Tim Horton’s has united with Cold Stone Creamery. It is now like a sugar, sweet treat Nirvana….in the same building. I could live there. Like permanently. They have a lounge area  with a fireplace with a TV, along with the regular tables. After ordering some peanut butter cup perfection (for me) and for coffee lovers only (for my husband) we settled down in the lounge area to eat our cold treats. (Plus Storm Stories was on the The Weather Channel, which we all know I am a storm lover, so that just added to my bliss)

Some people might be about going out and partying on a Friday night. Not me. I was snuggled in a cushy chair, watching tornadoes on Storm Stories while I ate my favorite ice cream with my best friend (which is my husband, who by the way was also enjoying the ambiance of it all) at our favorite OPEN 24 HOURS, Tim Horton’s. Life is good. Especially, when one is eating ice cream. By the way, I’ve mentioned I am lactose intolerant with anything to do with actual milk, or heavy cream. Because there is a God in heaven and He loves me, I do not appear to get sick from eating ice cream. Praise the Lord. I mean that. I tell Him how much I appreciate that—on a regular basis. As much as I loved  milk, I can adapt to not having it. The same would not be true if I could never have ice cream again. I would be just a shell of a person. Sad and empty with no ice cream. Just sayin’. And no it is not an addiction. It is a life choice. So there.

After finishing our treats, my husband and I decided to get the kids some too. (to bring home, since that is where they were) I felt a smidgen guilty for stealing all the bliss for myself. I thought I should share, so the kids ended up with chocolate, cake batter, and cotton candy flavored ice cream. They were happy to see their ice cream. See, ice cream brings happiness to the soul! On that note, I slept soundly knowing all was well with the world. I had done my part to make the world a better place. One spoonful at a time.