My Father’s Day Gift

Forgiveness & Rememberance

Image by alex drennan via Flickr

Today at Faith Barista we are talking about Father’s Day.

Bonnie told us to write on the topic

however we chose, just keep it real.

So that is what I am doing….


Some of us had difficult relationships with our fathers

When we weren’t “daddy’s little girl

When words were said

and feelings hurt.

And although he was there,

he wasn’t. Not really.

For times he chose others over my sister and me.

Maybe we just didn’t understand each other.

And yet…

I am thankful for the years he provided for his family

and gave routine and predictability to the day.

I do have good memories too.

I wish there had been more.

I wish he had chosen to live.

To see me… and my sister.

To see his grandchildren.

To know and understand that

Fatherhood is important.

I could choose to burden myself with the “Why?” questions

but, the answers would echo cold

in the void, left behind.

Instead, I have chosen forgiveness

As much for me as for him.

To forgive him,

even now, years gone

is my Father’s Day gift

to him

and to myself.



Happy Independence Day

A cooked hot dog garnished with mustard.

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Amid the potato salad, grilled hot dogs, parades, and fireworks…remember the men and women that are far away from home right now. That freedom to them means time in the desert, suicide bombers, and snipers—helping others learn to be free amidst the chaos. Don’t forget to pray for them. They might be out of sight…but, shouldn’t be out of mind. Freedom is never free. Someone always pays the price. God bless each of you in your service to our country.
Thanks to our military!!!
Happy 4th of July everyone:)