Burma Shave Nostalgia

Burma-Shave slogans

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” The Burma-Vita Company, based just west of Minneapolis, began erecting advertising signs along Hwy-61 near Red Wing and Hwy-65 near Albert Lea back in 1925. Over the next 38 years these signs and their witty rhymes appeared in nearly every state in the United States and made Burma-Shave one of the most recognized brand names in American business.” —from Road Trip U.S.A. (p.240) by Jamie Jensen

I’ve blogged about Burma-Shave before. I’ve always liked “jingles”. Burma-Shave pretty much just put jingles on signs. In a cute way. A catchy way. A fun way…….

Here are some of my own political jingles in Burma-Shave style. Feel free to add some of your own in comments. Enjoy.

Our current president

makes me wonder

If things don’t change

We’re going under.

Middle class people

need their meds

But with this new healthcare

We’ll all be dead!

What happened to our

red, white, and blue?

Can’t show patriotism

or others might sue.

Building a  mosque

is not okay

to those of us

that remember THAT day.

In November

take a leap

vote your mind

don’t be a sheep.

Men and women in uniform

fighting for freedom

on foreign ground

Praying they all

come home to us


safe and sound.

We The People Choose NOT to be PC

I am taking a “commercial break” from my usual humor and thought provoking wit (she says with a grin) to bring you a very non- politically correct speech. Considering I enjoy political incorrectness, I thought I’d share. If you too are on the politically INCORRECT band wagon then by all means jump in…if not, don’t read this. It will just make you mad, no sense in ruining your day.

I read this speech today, written by Dennis Prager. Being that I am a former public school teacher, I have to say that I wish more principals would stand up and say something like this. Somebody needs to do it. Our educational system is so full of everything NONEDUCATIONAL that it has become sad and ridiculous…..and the ones that suffer the most are the children.