Women Are A Tough And Hardy Lot

Grandmothers and Mothers.

My photos that have a creative commons license...

Daughters and Sisters.

Aunts and Cousins.

Step moms and Foster moms.

Women, we are a tough and hardy lot. Yes, we are. There is nothing in this world like a mother’s fierce and protective love along side a gentle and nurturing nature. These women live through joy and pain. Proud moments and heartaches. So many things make up a mother.

Mother’s know and understand what it is to scream in pain and joy at the exact same time. When that wet bundle of love is laid on the chest, nothing is ever the same. It can’t be. The heart has changed. That new baby has made it so…

Nursing and staying up late. Strained peas, diapers, and potty training. The first day of kindergarten. Bedtimes and homework. Sports moms and recitals. Holding hands and holding hearts. Advice and wisdom. Yelling and forgiveness. The stink eye and the “you’d better move it!”. Kisses and hugs and I love you’s. Blessings and behaviors. Tears and smiles. Wiggly toes and wiggly bottoms. Hand prints and car keys. First loves and heartbreak. Listening and loving no matter what. The years go by so very quickly.

These women, oh my…..they are something else.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Daddy’s are important, most vital. They are both needed and wanted, and loved, but their roles are different. A mother can try, but she can’t fill a father’s role, not really. Nor can Daddy take the place of Mommy. It just isn’t the same.

This day I celebrate the mom’s. Mom’s you do make a real difference. Don’t forget that.

You gave life, and in turn changed your own life in the process.


This Mom Of Mine


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Today’s your turn. What did your mama do that makes her your mama? Let’s unpack those memories today.

Where is your memory buried?

In just five minutes. Tell me all about what your mama did that made her yours…


Elementary school pictures with crooked bangs, cut by a mother who with “just one more snip” thought she could straighten them out. I look back at my pictures and have to smile. My mom was good at fixing things and making me feel better. ( I was high fashion style before it was even in style:)

My mom, worried that my neck was swollen…taking me to the doctor to find out why. Holding my teenage hand, when I was scared. Telling me that thyroid disease was going to be taken care of with some medicine.

She took care of me during my bout with mono my senior year, helped get me to and from my job at the Dry Cleaners, was a huge help when filling out applications for college, sat through Lyric theater performances, encouraged me in my goal to graduate with a degree in Special Education. She went with me through the winding mountains of east Tennessee to help me move to the little town that held the first school I ever taught at.

Laughter, tears, joy, pain. Uphill battles and marathon races. Arguments and big, fat, honkin’ mistakes. Lots and lots of memories. My mom is strong and brave and smart and I know this about her. She stepped out and changed her life when it wasn’t easy. She figured things out as she went. She taught my younger sister and I that we could do anything. We were smart and strong and beautiful. She endowed me with a healthy self confidence that as I look back over the years– has served me well. She always made me feel special and loved, and is there anything better than that?

There are always times though, no matter how confident, that I need encouragement. My mom has been and still is my biggest encourager. Her cards, letters, and emails always seem to come just when I need them the most. Her words make me feel better.

Encouragement, it is her gift really.

She is a gift.

And I love her, this mom of mine.




The Gypsy Mama

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OK, are you ready? Facebook chimed in last night and overwhelmingly voted for a prompt either about mothers or Mother’s Day. This was one of the suggestions and I love that it can apply to any and all, mother or not. So please give me your best five minutes on:  identity


Who am I anyway? And how did I end up here?

Sometimes I ask myself that question. Life is really weird and I often wonder about the road that chose.Thinking through all the things that brought me to this place.

I am drawn to those ladies that consider themselves to be “out of the mold”…….a little different. Whimsical. Thinkers.Dreamers.  Funny how things turn out. I’m still not exactly sure how I fit.

I do know this……being a mom has been the best thing ever. From the moment I found out I was pregnant. Keeping a journal from before my son was even born, to one day give him. He has changed my life for the better. Forever. He has made my heart soar and brought me to my knees. He is the closest thing I know to unconditional love.

God gave me motherhood and I am thankful for it.

Newborn baby Română: Nou nascut

I love being a mom, it is a big part of who I am.



Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day cake

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Whether she carried her child under her heart for nine months

Or adopted her child with a love that was meant to be

There are step mom’s that mother children they did not have, and yet love them as their own

Foster mom’s who step in and love children that desperately need to belong

Or maybe she gives a mother’s love to all the children in her life…because that is just who she is.

Mother’s are the ones who nurture, and snuggle

Kiss hurts

Give hugs

Soothe and calm a spirit

Clean messes

Cook the meals

Give advice

Play games

Drive the van

Are fiercely loyal

And extremely perceptive




Moms can never be replaced

Because there is never anyone that can take her place.


Leaving It In His Hands

I am a mom. Maybe you are too. If that is the case then maybe you already “get it”.

The truth is half the time I mess up. The other half I only sort of know what I’m doing. If I can stay at least one step in front of my kids then I call it a good day.  I remember the day my son was born. The day I saw him for the first time. The day that my heart changed forever. I was never the same after that. The old country saying, “When you have a child you know what it is to wear your heart outside of your body”, really strikes home.  Being a step mom isn’t any easier. How the puzzle pieces all fit together is a constant challenge. Being their “mom number two” is hard work. Work only a mother could do:) I go through a lot of days wondering if anything I’ve said is really making a difference? Are my kids hearing me? Really? Do they know how much I love them? Do they believe it?

My kids are teenagers. It occurred to me the other day that my time with them is waning. In not so many years they will be adults. No longer under their father’s and my roof. No longer under our discipline. No longer with us each day. Will the things I  told them have made a difference?  As a mother, I can hope they have. I long for my children to grow up and live God-centered lives. Lives of integrity and good character. And yes….I hope that they are happy….though happiness is such a fleeting thing most of the time. I don’t want them to always be searching for “happiness”, because sometimes one just needs to do the right thing and stay the course before happiness finds him (or her).

As a mom, I long for my children to grow in their relationship with their Heavenly Father. For that relationship to be their solid rock. When life is a storm all around them…..they will know where to go, where their safe harbor is.

As much as I love my children and want the best for them…..my love can not even begin to touch the love of  their Heavenly Father. He loves them more than I can even imagine. I can’t think of a better place for them to be….then in their Father’s hands.