Be All Here…

I walked down the driveway, my dog pulling on his leash desperate to run through the emerald green grass, spotted with golden dandelions. I stopped for a moment to look back over my shoulder. The house sets in what used to be a field, blue sky as it’s backdrop. Chickens pecking at the ground, the horse grazing in the pasture, and the outdoor dogs laying lazily in the sun. The picture resembled something from a Norman Rockwell painting.


Do you ever have moments that seem to stand still? That is the time I experienced, ever so briefly, this morning.

How often do I rush through my days? And miss it all? And, why? Why do I do that?

Slow down. Breathe. Be all here.

I have to constantly remind myself of this. Over and over again. You’d think I’d remember, that I’d “get” it, once and for all.

But, I forget time and time again.

Memorizing this moment. Tucking it away.

Knowing just how blessed I really am.