School Rules For Radicals

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I heard today that the NEA (The National Education Association) would like for Saul Alinsky‘s Rules For Radicals to become mandatory reading in this country’s high schools.

Saul Alinsky was a community organizer…..who had some very debatable rules for whether the ends justify the means. I certainly wouldn’t want MY children to be forced to read his book. Sure, his book is controversial and yes, there have always been books that people struggle with….the thing is, if they are wanting that book read, what conservative book are they also going to make mandatory? In order to keep everything fair and balanced, of course. Hmmmm……?

I believe that the NEA is a liberal group. I was a member a long time ago, until I realized that my dues money was being used towards promoting things that I had no desire to promote. It is irritating that what is supposed to be a union for teachers, has become nothing more than a sounding board for the left.  What should be used to further true learning, has been distorted into something that doesn’t even resemble a union that promotes education for the children of this country. Make no mistake about it…there is an agenda.

If that isn’t bad enough….the state of Texas is deciding what to put in or delete from their textbooks.  They are considering taking out things that pertain to Christianity in the history of our country while adding many things about Islam and Hinduism. All this in the name of cultural diversity.  I hope people in the state of Texas state their opinion on this LOUD and CLEAR!

True education is not about distorting the truth. Yes, individuals are allowed to have differing opinions on things….but there are basic truths and trying to rewrite history because it doesn’t follow along with the liberal view is absolutely ridiculous.