Sometimes The Sound Is Deafening

The morning is gray and still and it feels like rain is in the air, but who knows, that can change in a second around here. A Monday in mid-July, that is the beginning of a cool spell that is to arrive in the area. Not to offend all my summer, heat loving, friends but, the thought occurred to me this morning that October is less than three months away. My favorite time of the year. Not too hot, and not too cold, as Goldilocks would say, “just right”.

Weeks passing and months passing and I mull that over on the way back from the barn.

Time doesn’t stop. The moments speed along whether I’m “in” the moment or not. Although I love Fall, I am not ready for it to get here yet. This Fall brings changes to my life, and to those that I love. My son starts his freshman year of college in late August. He will be roughly four hours away in the land of frozen tundra (Michigan to those who don’t know). I am thrilled for him, and he has earned this chapter of his life…but, things will change. I’m not sure yet how I feel about that. Sigh.

My daughter begins her senior year in high school. The year will consist of finishing classes, ACT testing, senior pictures, filling out applications, and making a decision about a college or career. The culmination of years of work will be graduation. When she walks across the stage it will be both the beginning of a new chapter for her, and the end of mine and my husband’s days as parents of school age kids.

Everyone is an adult now. Being independent, making their own decisions. Our oldest son, is already out on his own, making his way in the world, and living with his own choices.

Time ticks off the minutes and sometimes the sound is deafening.

One of my favorite authors, Ann Voskamp, says that in order to slow down time one needs to see the moments and be thankful. When we are thankful we enjoy the time more, we see things more clearly, and are grateful to God who gave us this life.


Today I am thankful for: 

*beautiful glowing super moon that lit up the yard with its light last night

*giving belly rubs to the dogs

*a cat in the lap

*a new way of eating that makes me feel so much better and healthier

*ripe summertime tomatoes

*fresh blueberries

*HGTV marathons:)

*inside jokes with my husband

*my husband, who loves me….even when I am feeling unloveable

*kids that are no longer kids….my children, all grown up

*gray morning sky

*turning back toward the house after getting the mail, and being awestruck by the azure sky and white clouds

*stopping in the driveway and raising my arms in the air, so overwhelmed with the beauty of nature, and yelling “THANK YOU, GOD” at the top of my lungs…. my voice echoing back to me off the side of the metal barn. I believe God has a sense of humor and no one can convince me otherwise. I think after that outburst God gave me a fist bump. 🙂





Am I Awake Just Because My Eyes Are Open?

It is Monday morning. It is 7:15 a.m. and it is  still pitch black outside. This time change, jumping forward by an hour, has really done a number on me. I’ve been awake for two hours and I’m already seriously considering crawling under the kitchen table for a nap. This cannot bode well for the rest of the day. I’ve got students to work with, who need their teacher to be, oh I don’t know, awake?

Alas, the moments are not slowing down for me on this early March morning. As a matter of fact they feel like they are speeding up, and I’m only half awake. The moments might run me completely over… a semi-truck.


To be truly thankful doesn’t require huge, life changing moments. Oh sure, those can be great, but for most of us life can feel blessed by the small daily moments. So many times I take things for granted. I’m trying to remedy that. Life can change in a big way when we take the time to acknowledge the small.

It is difficult to be down when one is counting all the things that they have to be thankful for. The right perspective can change a life.


Today I am thankful for: 

*running water in the bathroom sink, so I can wash my face and brush my teeth

*indoor plumbing that works, I cannot imagine getting up and having to trudge outside in the cold to use the bathroom.

*well worn, comfy jeans

*a warm, cozy sweater

*a glass of tea

*eggs and toast

*a quiet morning to gather my thoughts

*a family that is healthy, a true blessing

*listening to my son on the radio, it never gets old

*having the opportunity to teach, even though it keeps me very busy

*a heart filled with memories that make me smile

*an old email I had saved from my sister that I reread, it made me laugh out loud

*falling asleep last night, snuggled up with my husband

*clean laundry

*a son that took the trash out

*doggy licks

I am blessed!

Psalm 28:7 –The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.

I love this cow that wanted her photo taken.

I love this cow that wanted her photo taken.




Appreciate It More

Monday, the beginning of a new week. Fresh white pages, ready to be written on.

Possibilities. Not knowing what might happen.

How often am I cavalier with the time given to me? I always expect that there will be more moments.

The only way to live in the time I have, is to appreciate it more.



Today I am thankful for: 

*beautiful sunrises, pinks, purples, golden light

*morning stillness, the sound of silence

*sunshine streaming through the kitchen window

*a new phone, adding contacts

*the sweet taste of an orange

*cuddling with my husband, laughing together

*goofing with friends

*a clean house

*graduation meeting

*finishing classes

*a sense of accomplishment

*a warm bed

*barking dogs

*fresh eggs

*muddy front yards

*working with my students

*second chances, and third, and fourth

It’s A Great Day For Ducks

It’s raining, it’s pouring….

I managed to capture this lightning while taki...

I woke up this Monday morning….


to gray clouds and a light drizzle.


Then it thundered.


And, more rain came. And more…and then some more.


The front yard looked like a lake and the culvert was overflowing. The neighbor’s llamas had a weather constructed pool.


It is a great day….. for ducks:)




Today I am thankful for:


* sleeping in an extra few minutes


* a rain day


* sump pumps that are working


* soggy dog walks


* emails from friends


* yummy leftovers


* laughing with my husband


* taking some great pictures


* getting some inside chores done


* some new, bright picture frames


* sweet summer time, laid back days


When he utters his voice there is a tumult of waters in the heavens, and he makes the mist rise from the ends of the earth. He makes lightning for the rain, and he brings forth the wind from his storehouses.    Jeremiah 51:16


Good Morning Sunshine!

It’s Monday. 102_3038

Good hair day, Monday.

Clean clothes ’cause I did the laundry, Monday.

Living room needs dusted, Monday.

I hate dust because it never goes away, Monday.

I’m still on my diet, Monday.

The “I don’t know what in the world we will have for dinner tonight”, Monday.

My chicks keep escaping and pooping on the floor before I realize it, Monday.

The I’ve got a couple more weeks of babysitting the chicks before they go outside, Monday.

My bushes are starting to bud, Monday.

It’s sunny, Monday and springtime, Monday and so in love with my husband, Monday.

I was pondering yesterday…how much I have to do over the next couple of months.

The thoughts of it all, piles up in my brain, weighing heavy.


Life can just we whirlwind crazy sometimes, can’t it?

Sometimes the spin gives me a headache.

Time to get off the merry-go-round…

slow down…

and  just say thank you.


Today I am thankful…really thankful…

* Cool springtime mornings that feel good on my skin102_2683

* Streaming sunshine

* Sparkling dew on the new blades of grass

* Budding bushes that just scream Springtime is here!

* Chirping chicks

* My husband, my best friend, my confidant

* Safety for my children

* The last few weeks until summer break

* Plans to travel

* Stories to hear

* Finishing my grad class

* Getting a good grade

* Learning new things

* God who created all things

* Christ who deserves all my thank you’s

It really is all good, because all good things come from Him.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17  NIV


Open My Eyes

Frost on window

I’m really fighting it this morning.

Dissatisfaction is rearing its ugly head.

I am not happy this Monday morning,

because my eyes are focused on the lacking.

The rips in the fabric of life…

nothing is good enough.

Frustration sets in.

I see the dirt and crumbs on the floor.

I’m tired of seeing junk laying all over the place.

I snap at my son, doing his algebra.

I grump because my daughter does not get out of bed on time.

I need to clean off my office desk.

The laundry basket is overflowing.

And I am in a mood.

I want to be better.

But, I can’t.

Or I won’t.

Whatever it is…it’s ugly.

God, help me to focus on You.


Get perspective.

“Rejoice in the Lord always Philippians 4:4

Always…not just when I “feel” like it.

Left to my own devices, I might not feel like it on most days.

It’s a discipline.

It’s in the discipline that I can glimpse the glory.

Even on not so great days.

I can’t grumble and gripe when I’m thanking Him.

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.

Open the eyes of my heart.

I want to see You. I want to see You.”

Yes, Lord.

Open the eyes of my heart.

I do want to see You.


*enough milk in the fridge for breakfast

*children that are healthy

*a warm house while the cold winter wind is howling

*my husband’s job

*getting things in order

*an email from a friend

*cinnamon rolls for breakfast

*having a working washer and dryer in the house

*a better attitude

There are always things to be thankful for…I just needed

to open my eyes.

For All That He Is

a group of Canada Geese flying in Michigan in ...

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It’s raining.

I love to watch the rain.

I enjoy hearing the rain pelt our metal roof.

There is comfort in seeing the bad weather outside, knowing that I am warm and safe inside.

A Monday morning in late October…

The corn stalks across the road are brown. On a quiet evening, one can hear the corn talking to the night, a dry, rustling sound.

The sound of  honking Canada geese, as they fly overhead in perfect formation,  always makes me stop and appreciate…

the sights and sounds of late October in the country.


Thanking my God for all that He is…and for allowing all that He does…

*my back feels a little better–not completely healed, but better than it was–when I hurt, I learn to appreciate my health more.

*my son reading quietly… I study his profile. I think back to him as a baby, and how I wondered what he would look like when he was a teenager? Now, I know. Time goes so quickly, doesn’t it?

*a daughter who walked with me, when I was forced to walk slowly.

*sitting in the living room, petting the dog…it’s a win/win situation. Petting him reduces my stress–while it feels great to him to get belly rubs.

*the smell of coffee

*rain pelting the windows

*time–appreciating this moment

*snuggling while watching TV

*faces smiling at me from time worn pictures

*knowing what it is to love and be loved

*memories tapping me on the shoulder this gray, Monday morning


*Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. It is He that makes all of life worth living…apart from Him, I am nothing.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.  John 15:5 NIV

Slow Down and Take a Deep Breath…

Screenshot of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in ...

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It’s Monday and I already know it will be a very busy Monday. I have much to accomplish today, lots to check off my mental to do list. I can already feel my body tensing, and my mind racing at top speed. How can I be most efficient with my time? How will I get everything completed?

Not enough time! Not enough time!

Slow down. Take a breath.

Say thank you.

Breathe in the joy of the everyday.

Exhale… thanks.

A gift. I need to slow myself…and appreciate, be in awe of the fleeting moments.

I have a sign hanging in my kitchen, a sign my oldest son gave me as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I keep the sign up year round.

It’s a Wonderful Life” , beautifully matted and framed.

Yes, it is the title of a favorite holiday movie…..but, it could… and should be my motto.

Because thankfulness does bring joy–  And joy makes for a wonderful life.

A daily reminder.

* Emerald green, springtime grass

* Wet smell after the rain

* Eggs and toast for breakfast

* Long hugs from my child

* My husband laughing

* A good nights sleep

* Opportunity

* Friendship

* A floor that needs swept

* A bathroom that needs cleaned

* Errands to run

* Candles in the windows

* A full eucharisteo board

* Bare feet on concrete

* The smell of coffee

* Hands and fingers that type without pain

* A smile
I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.  Psalm 69:30 

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