The Life On Mainstreet

English: The boardwalk of Ocean City, Maryland

The proverbial “main street”.

Home town U.S.A…..or really any country that one calls home.

The place that the heart always tugs for.

That town that you are from…..where memories were made and

life was lived.

Summer time always makes me think of home. I don’t really know why, it just does. I grew up in rural, Maryland. At least it was rural when I lived there. My childhood memories consist of living back a long gravel road, between corn fields and soybean. A place where the neighbor’s cows would get loose on occasion. Swimming in the neighbor’s ponds (along with fish, snapping turtles, and water snakes). Family members that all lived close enough to get together on a regular basis. Birthday parties were always an affair that required home made ice cream….with plenty of cousins to take turns cranking the ingredients into sweet goodness.

I remember Ocean City, and time at the beach. Times when the biggest concern was whether I was getting a good tan and where were we going out to eat that night? Boardwalk fries, and Maryland crabs by the bushel, spread out on newspaper. Long Saturday drives always ending up at Simmons ice cream parlor, with the ball field out back. It was like stepping back in time.

Going to my cousins ball games. Waiting for one of “the boys of summer” to hit a foul, so I could go chase after the ball and throw it back in. Hot days and cold soda. Giggles and goofiness. Making eyes, and making friends. Going to the movies and hanging out and doing a lot of nothing much. Summer was slow and sweet back then. Real worries were still down the road yet, and summer was for the here and now.

Staying outside most of the day, because one never knew what adventure might be in store. Catching lightning bugs at night and asking if mom had something to put them in?

Childhood memories are magic, really. That time of life when the world is big and exciting, but home and family make it safe and sound.

As I sit here typing, sipping my sweet tea, I can close my eyes and for a brief moment I can remember…..and I just have to smile.