Fighting With The Mailbox

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As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, I happen to love getting mail.

This afternoon I decided that I would brave the cold temperature and go out and get the mail. I could have sent one of the kids, I suppose…but, getting the mail is kind of my thing.  I live such an exciting, adventuresome life. At this point it was snowing and the wind was blowing and I was thinking I should have pulled on a coat instead of just wearing a sweatshirt. Oh well, I live. I learn. And I freeze to death. It’s all in a days work.

After dutifully looking both ways before crossing the road at the end of our driveway, I made my way to the mailbox. Woo hoo! I got mail! After perusing my mail, I went to close the mailbox lid. It would not close. I slammed it. It fell back open. I jiggled the lid then slammed it. It fell back open. I gingerly closed it. Still not working. Now, I was becoming annoyed with my big, black, plenty of room for packages, mailbox. One more time I jiggled, slammed, pushed the door shut. It stuck. Finally, I was half way back up the driveway when I heard the mailbox door fall open. Again. I gave up…and just continued up the driveway.

The mailbox will no doubt be filled with snow or ice in the morning. Sigh.

I’ll have you know that I totally and completely blame the snow plow guy for this whole mailbox fiasco. Earlier this year, he bent our lovely mailbox in one of his plowing ventures. This is part of my blog entry from February 8th of this year….

I just heard scraping out on the road. It’s the snow plow. Probably plowing our driveway shut. Again. Oh no. This time the snow avalanche hit our mailbox and popped the door of the mailbox open. Great. So now snow can get in and make our mail nice and wet. Lovely. At least our mailbox is still in one piece. Living out here in rural America one sees a lot of mailboxes that have seen the bad end of a snow plow. My friend, who grew up here, informed me that winter mailboxes are attached to the post with a myriad number of things. Duct tape, bungee cords, an old belt….whatever one can find to hold the mailbox together. After all, who wants to spend money on a new mailbox if the plow is just going to destroy it again? Makes sense to me. Our mailbox used to have a fancy piece on top, that had our family name on it. It lasted all of 2 seconds. We found it laying in the ditch last winter. A victim of the plow.

Day 6 of Confinement

Abandoned Mailbox

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Now we have some serious wind to add to the snow that we have piled up around here.  When I say “serious” wind, I mean it! The wind in Logan County is vicious. Of course, the fact that our house is setting in the middle of a field with no windbreaks (at all) does not help matters. The  wind makes it feel a lot colder and also makes it impossible to keep any sort of respectable hairstyle. I have given up on that front. A hair clip is now my friend. Either that or have my tresses resemble something a rat made a nest in. (Don’t you love that visual?) The snowing and blowing going on around here makes my front yard look like a snow globe that has been shook one too many times.

I’m sitting at the kitchen counter. I see the forlorn mailbox at the end of our driveway. The mailbox door limply hanging open. Our mailbox filled full of snow. What a sad looking mailbox. There is some comfort in the fact that our neighbor’s mailbox looks worse than ours does. It is resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I’m sure the mail lady just loves winter mailboxes. Who knew all the weird angles and bent doors that one mailbox could display?

This afternoon I will be baking some brownies. Cold, snowy days are made for baking. With the weather here lately, I will weigh 900 lbs. before we see the spring thaw. Hey, and I have plenty of milk to go with those brownies. I’m just sayin’.