What Does Your Fridge Say About You?

New Refrigerator

Image by dsleeter_2000 via Flickr

What says home more than the door(s) of your refrigerator? Come on, you know what I’m talking about! Some people are “nothing on the fridge” individuals, others are “children’s art work” on the door, and still others use the fridge as their personal Rolodex or photo album. What does your refrigerator say about you? If someone was going to profile you ( I watch WAY to many police/crime shows) by checking out your refrigerator/freezer…what secrets would it tell?

I’ll go first….. take me home Tuesday leads straight to my fridge!

Hmm, first of all…..this woman is family oriented.

Clue #2 She understands that she is not the one in control.

Clue #3  This woman commented on a friend’s broccoli salad, and now has the recipe. She must like broccoli.

Ah hah! Friends that have been married for 50 years. What does this tell about her? She is happy for her friends. She is happy she has friends. She likes a good party. I’m not sure. She hopes that she will be married to her husband for that many years. (it probably won’t be 50, she married him when she was 37…so, she’d be pretty old to hit the 50 yr. mark….and her husband would be 91. Just sayin’. )

Um….she has a sense of humor. She loves Geico commercials. She likes to freak out her family by having eyes watch them when they get in the fridge? (“I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me…….”)

Eucharisteo? Yes. Much to be thankful for. One of her new favorite words. What is the deal with the maps on the fridge? She either really digs geography, or she is a home school mom.

A perfect verse for the fridge….now where are those leftover nachos? Amen.

She likes books…and obviously by the date on the pink slip, her son has a HUGE late fine at the library.

She is not above using cartoon chip clips. She likes magnets. A lot. What else can she stick on her fridge?

According to the very precise science of refrigerator profiling, this woman does not appear to be psychotic… maybe just slightly odd. After all, if she likes broccoli and geography she can’t be all that bad.

It’s Behind The Refrigerator!

RSPCA cat & mouse

Image by Jo and Paul's pics via Flickr

The saga continues…

I came out to the kitchen this morning, flipped on the lights and turned the coffee pot on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the “dark shadow” zip behind the refrigerator. As I came around the corner of the cabinets I saw Nikki sitting there like a statue. Her eyes glued to the small area around the fridge. She heard it too. She wanted it. She licked her chops.

I hear it moving around behind the refrigerator. It has to come out eventually. Nikki will be waiting. Hopefully. I hope she doesn’t give up when we let the dog out (in 10 min.) to use the bathroom. Lonnie is always so energetic in the morning, he might distract Nikki from her job.

Have I mentioned that I hate mice? Seriously.

What if that varmint had run across my foot when I opened the refrigerator door this morning? I would have had a screaming heart attack. The family would have shot out of bed sure that the world was coming to an end….and for me if would have. I would have been laying dead as a doornail on the kitchen floor.

Nikki repositioned…the mouse is now behind the freezer. (We have separate standing refrigerator/freezer) I can hear the little sucker. I think he is watching me type through the vent in the bottom of the freezer, under the door. I thought I heard a snicker.

He’s probably scared. Poor little field mouse can’t find his way out of this crazy house, big cat waiting on him to make the wrong move, owner of house threatening him bodily harm and laughing manically. Whatever. This war is still on…’cause I’m still thinking about how much mouse poop is probably behind my fridge. Stupid, mouse.