Remember When?

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Today’s prompt reminded me of the Tim McGraw song, Back When. For whatever reason when I saw the word remember, this tune popped into my head. If you’ve never heard the song, the premise is about remembering “back when”.

So, I’m going to make up my own “lyrics” to the song, on the fly.

Here goes.

Remember back in the 80’s when legwarmers were crazy? And all the girls wanted to tear the necks out of their sweatshirts so they could look like the girl from Flashdance? Who watched Fame and thought they wanted to dance and sing at the school of performing arts?

Who remembers Duran Duran and Boy George? And Michael Jackson? Everyone wanted to do the Thriller dance.

And asymmetrical haircuts  and big hair and neon colored earrings? It’s totally tubular! And wicked awesome!

Jordache jeans and high top Reeboks?  The preppy look and layered shirts.

Facts of Life at the girls school in Peekskill, New York….wanting friends like Blair, Jo, Natalie and Tootie.

Trapper Keepers and passing notes. Phones with extra long extension cords. And Friday night football games.

Sure, the 80’s were crazy, but I loved the 80’s.

I’ll always remember the 80’s as my decade!

The Wild Boys (song)

Is That A Gray Hair?!

leg warmers photo from flickr by iluvrhinestones

Does anyone else wonder where the time went? I always heard that time seems to go faster, the older one gets. That is the honest truth.  Some days I feel older than others. Yep. I wake up and stumble to the bathroom mirror and think, “Wow. When did this happen?”

My daughter enjoys that I can get all the 80’s references in the show that we watch together. The best music is still from the 80’s or earlier, in my humble opinion. I miss leg warmers and Jordache jeans. (although I saw a commercial yesterday for Walmart that Jordache jeans are making a comeback. I had a pair circa 1985.)

I was always the one that said I would age gracefully, ala Katherine Hepburn style. Lately, I’ve just felt the burn…without the Hep. Sigh. I know. I know. I have several readers that are older (read that as mature)….and would love to be 44 again. Okay, so that might be true, but I’m still seeing gray hairs and feeling achy joints. I’m sojourning on, but aging can be the pits. Just sayin’.

On the positive side, as I’ve aged I think I have a better perspective about things. I at least try. Experience brings

wisdom…well, at least with most things. The important stuff, truly is the important stuff, and I realize it. I’m trying to slow down. I want to enjoy the moments that God has blessed me with.


I’m always learning, and taking it one day at a time.

(P.S) I secretly wish I could still fit into my Jordache jeans from 1985. A girl can dream.