Snake Wrangling

Line art drawing of a black snake.

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Snakes really aren’t my favorite creature ever created. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Those that love snakes would tell me, “Snakes get a bad rap. They are not really scary. They help to control the rodent population.” Yada….yada….yada. Whatever, people. Let’s face it, one can’t pet or snuggle with a snake. Snakes have fangs. They bite with those fangs, if agitated. Giving a snake a hug could prove dangerous, especially if said snake is a boa constrictor. Just sayin’. How many of us have ever heard of snakes called Fifi, or Fido? No? No! One hears names like Squeeze or Viper. Sorry. It’s just not a love relationship with me. As long as snakes stay outside in the fields they are safe. If they come near my house….they might be separated from their head. Just sayin’.

My aunt emailed me the other day. She was down in the basement of her house and came across a snake skin. Not the kind of thing a woman wants to find in her house. Spiders. Check. An occasional mouse. Check. Check. A long snake skin. Oh, no I don’t think so! She promptly did what any God-fearing woman would do. She called an exterminator. The first guy said they didn’t work with snakes, but he’d put her in touch with someone who did. (Good, make it snappy, Mister!)

A young woman showed up. She went down into the basement to check things out. Uh huh….definitely a snake skin. After some investigation and caulking of any holes, she declared that the snake was long gone. The basement was snake free. She even guaranteed her work for 10 years. (Better be!)

She informed my aunt that it is illegal to kill snakes in the state of Maryland. Say what?! Yep. I didn’t believe it either, but it is true. I guess if I still lived in Maryland that my picture might be hanging in the post office, under the most wanted criminals section. A hardened snake killer. If a snake was in my house he’d deserve what he got. So there.

The young female snake wrangler was at the house for maybe a half hour…and my aunt had to fork over several hundred dollars. I’m thinking I might have my children consider snake wrangling as their desired career. They could make the big bucks. Enough money to help keep me in the lap of luxury in my old age. If they are really good they might be able to have their own cable TV show, sort of like Dog The Bounty Hunter. I would be so proud.


Totally Addicted To House Hunters

La Ville de Paris Gets Ready for Night

Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr

I have been a big fan of HGTV for forever. I am especially in love with the House Hunters Show.  I love looking at other people’s houses. I also love to see what real estate is going for in various parts of the country. (or internationally, if I watch International House Hunters…which I do.)

1. I love looking at how other people live.

2. Some people have such good taste.

3. Other people, not so much.

4. Vivid, loud colors and three different types of animal print?

5. Um…whatever floats one’s boat, I guess.

6. Paint can always be changed. Thank goodness.

7. Sometimes the buyers are real pieces of work.

8. And I feel sorry for the agent.

9. She didn’t build the house. Sorry the bedrooms are smaller than you’d like.

10. She has to stay in your price range.

11. So deal with it.

12. My serious question is this—-

13. What do some of these people do for a living?

14. I was watching International HH the other day.

15. The couple was getting a vacation home in some Central American country…

16. The house was around 800,000 dollars.

17. The guy said, “We can probably swing that.”

18. Huh?!

19. For a vacation home?!

20. I suppose I live in the real world.

21. And they are from Mars.

22. I know there are people out there that make about a bazillion, quadrillion dollars a year.

23. I just don’t know any of them personally.

24. Today, a young couple (from the USA) were recently married and living in Paris.

25. They wanted to buy a nice apartment in the city.

26. Neither of them looked over, maybe 32?

27. They both worked in the fashion industry.

28. They ended up buying an apartment for $890,000. (U.S dollars)

29. Then they put another $165,000 into renovations.

30. I so must be living in another galaxy.

31. Does anybody else think that is insane, or is it just me?

32. I still like to watch.

33. Even if I think some of the people are kinda nuts…and they have to be in debt up to their eyeballs.

34. I can live vicariously.

35. And then be completely content with my lovely home in the country.

36. Because you know…

37. Home is where you make it.

38. It has a lot more to do with the people, than square footage.

39. And that…

40. Is the most valuable lesson of all.