This day is the day to remember…

all those brave men and women who sacrificed…

those that laid down their lives for their country.

They knew what so many of us often forget…

Freedom is never free. There is always a price to pay.

Thank you to the families of those fallen. They know and understand that sacrifice is real.

Thank you to those soldiers who paid the ultimate price.

May we, and this country,  be worthy of their sacrifice.





























One Of Those Days

Do you ever have days when you wake up and you believe it is going to be a good day…and it turns out it isn’t? Today is one of those days for me. The kind of day where all the little nerve wracking things just add up to one big pain? I wanted to write my Multitudes on Mondays post this morning, I really did. Then life happened and I wasn’t feeling very thankful. To be completely honest, I was irritated (and rightly so) but, it put a damper on things. Once I had let myself go there……it was all over……like a downhill slide on a sled with greased runners.

I’m not feeling thankful. There I said it. I actually feel guilty for saying that. I guess it is just my day to be human, be real, be imperfect, me.

Okay, I am thankful about one thing. I’m thankful that God loves me, even when I feel unlovable. On days when my mood is darker than the storm clouds rolling in, He is there. He doesn’t leave me, even when I’m frustrated, irritated, and wishing I was sedated!

There is tomorrow.

2 Timothy 1:7  for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.


Monday (Photo credit: Eric M Martin)


Turning The Page

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. – Helen Keller

Stepping out into the unknown…each day unfolding into an adventure.

Helen Keller's famous water pump at Ivy Green

The diploma in my hand was full of promise. I was chosen for the scholarship. I was leaving for school hundreds of miles from home.

The letters after my name. A degree. Four years of hard work had paid off. The future was full of promise.

Applications. Interviews. God had other plans…and they weren’t the same as mine.

I had moved back home. I was 500 miles away, when I received the call. Would I like to travel back to east Tennessee and take the job?

He asked me. I said, “yes”.  The diamond sparkled in the light.

Teaching. Learning. Changing.

The strip had a plus sign on it. The smile broke out across my face. I was going to be a mommy!

The first strong cry, mingled with my own. I took him in my arms and carried him in my heart.

My husband didn’t feel well.

The doctor told us that “things didn’t look right”.  A door slammed shut that day…and it never opened again.

Gray sky on a damp November morning. Freshly dug dirt.

Having to say good-bye and knowing it would be final.

Soccer mom. Church activities. Parent nights. Laughter.

Girls night out. Friendship.

Dating again. Nervous. Unsure.

Meeting new people. Hearing their stories. Making memories.

Falling in love again. Saying yes, to second chances.

Choosing to school at home.

Moving to a new state. New friends. New routines.

A new house. A job loss. Struggling to understand the why?

Life is a constant adventure.

Tomorrow is a new chapter.

Turning the page…

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
   but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21 NIV

The Collective Sigh Of Nature


No sunlight pouring through the windows this morning. Gray clouds, looking like rain.

I turned a lamp on in the living room, and its light puddles on the table. I like lamps. They make me feel warm and cozy.

I have my cinnamon and spice candle burning this morning. Smells good. Warm. Like Fall.

I’m seeing more trees releasing their green for shades of yellow and orange.

It’s amazing how calm I feel at this time of the year.Peaceful.

Most days  of life are full throttle into hectic. Time pressure. To do lists.

In Autumn I feel the collective sigh of nature. Finishing up the heat of the summer, relaxing before the bitter of winter.

All of nature vibrantly cries out to the Creator…as the days lead up to Thanksgiving.

So very thankful for this time of year.

“Lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary… pure and holy…tried and true. With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living…sanctuary, for You.”


Today I am thankful for:

*cloudy days


*spice smells

*petting the dog

*children who are working quietly on their school work

*good morning kiss with husband

*all my heavy duty cleaning done last week

*a more relaxing day

*hammock on the deck

*new, fuzzy slippers


*Fall colors out my front window

*farmers harvesting corn

*the sound of tractors

*the beauty of God’s creation

White Crosses

United State of Art

Image by qthomasbower via Flickr

“Oh say, does that Star-Spangled banner yet wave?

Over the land of the free, and home of the brave.”
















Thank you. What you did (and are doing) was not in vain…

Let freedom ring!


Vintage With A Twist

Sometimes I wonder if I wasn’t born in the wrong decade…

*I enjoy watching reruns of The Walton’s and their TV lives, circa 1930’s.

*I recently bought a 1934 radio reproduction at a local antiques store. I absolutely love it.

*I think some of the best movies ever filmed were in the 30’s and 40’s.

*I have vintage aprons hanging in my kitchen, that I use.

*Some of my best recipes come from a cookbook entitled New Recipes For Good Eating, circa 1948.

*Buying Christmas ornaments from Woolworth’s Five and Dime store… when stores were small and local.

* I love reading Reminisce magazine from cover to cover.


Before anyone tells me that those two decades were difficult…not fun…and that if I lived in those decades I’d be in my 70’s and 80’s now…..forget it. You are not changing my mind.

I know. I know. The Great Depression. World War II. Hard times.  All true, but there was something about that time period…it seems like people pulled together. They were proud to be American. People were happy with a simpler lifestyle. Neighbors knew who you were. ….At least more than in today’s society.


“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”  Casablanca (1941)

“Some day you’ll learn that greatness is only the seizing of opportunity – clutching with your bare hands ’til the knuckles show white.”

National Velvet (1944)

“Oh, my Dear Friend, my heart was trembling as I walked into the post office, and there you were, lying in Box 237. I took you out of your envelope and read you, read you right there.”  The Shop Around The Corner  (1940)

“The time to make up your mind about people is never.”  The Philadelphia Story (1940)

Joy In The Everyday

Open Hand

Image by AmyZZZ1 via Flickr

***Join us over at Faith Barista Jam. We’re discussing joy, today. Click on the graphic on my right side bar to read what others are writing about joy.***

Joy (noun)  a source or cause of delight—

It’s interesting that Bonnie, at Faith Barista, would choose the topic of joy, for this month. I’ve been thinking about joy a lot lately. I’ve been on a “joy journey” of sorts. About two and half months ago I heard about a book called One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. She talks about joy in her book. Joy… in a way that I hadn’t thought of it before. She talked about joy in a way that would change me. Forever. For me, changing my perspective, really is changing my life.

I, like many people, tended to blend joy and happiness together. They are really not the same thing. I’m also figuring out that I can have joy–if I choose too. It really is a choice. It’s not always something that “just happens” to a person. People, in general,  are not “just lucky” in the joy department. Joy can be intentional.

What I am learning about joy is a challenge. Sounds contradictory to the definition, doesn’t it? On pages 32-33 of her book, Ann hits me squarely between the eyes. Right where I am at. Her words sting me.

“That has always been the goal of the fullest life—-joy. And my life knew exactly how elusive that slippery three-letter word, joy, can be….   Is the height of my joy dependent on the depths of my eucharisteo thanks? (to God)….As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible. Joy is always possible… is not in some exotic location or some emotional mountain peak experience. The joy wonder could be here! (in the here and now of daily life).


Joy in the everyday. Joy in the here and now. Joy in my messy kitchen. Joy in the van driving kids. Joy in snuggling into bed at night. Joy in laundry. Joy in the sunsets. Joy in pet fur all over the floor for me to clean. Joy in reading. Joy in preparing dinner. Sounds crazy, right? But, if I can have thanksgiving in the daily things….in ALL things….then there will be joy. Joy will no longer be some elusive or esoteric feeling that I am constantly searching for. It can be real. Real to me in the daily grind.

And isn’t joy what we all long for?

So, for me, I am working on joy in my every day by giving thanks (eucharisteo) to God. Always thanks. Thanks for each moment that He has allowed me to experience.

It’s all by His grace. Every. Single. Moment.  I am thankful….and I experience JOY.

Decision Points

Cover of "Decision Points"

Cover of Decision Points

I am in the process of reading President Bush’s new book, Decision Points.

Now some, reading my blog, might not like George W. Bush. That is fine. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine. If you can’t stand to hear about him then I suggest you not read my blog today. It would just upset you. And I love my readers, and I don’t wish for anyone to be angry, so I’m giving you fair warning.

With that said… on to my blog.

1. I am enjoying watching Bush’s interviews.

2. It is nice to see the president as a real person.Who laughs. Who tears up. Who tells a joke. Things we couldn’t really see while he was in office.

3. He is an opinionated guy. I like that.There is nothing wishy washy about him. Love him or hate him. He is who he is.

4. I think he has a big heart.

5. As president he had to make decisions that weren’t always popular. And he had to live with those decisions.

6. That is just part of being the president.

7. I wouldn’t want the job…”the buck stops here” is hard to handle at times, I’m sure.

8. He can tell a good story. I’ve laughed through parts of the book.

9. He does love God. His family. This country. The military. And Texas!

10. He isn’t perfect. There are some policies that I disagreed with on, while he was in office…but, I genuinely like the man.

I guess that is it for now. If you get the opportunity you should read his book. I think you’ll like it.


Lover Of Old Houses

I have always loved older houses. Not decrepit, but old. Houses that make you think of character….history…. craftsmanship. Yes, I know my husband and I just last year finished building our brand spanking new house. We made sure to have the character and the craftsmanship….just not the history. Oh well, two out of three isn’t too bad.

A friend of mine from Facebook got me started on this site about houses. It’s called Old House Dreams. I’m warning you not to click on it unless you are willing to become addicted. The owner of the blog finds houses all over the country…and some international…that have my three qualifying characteristics. Last night she had a house in Bozeman, MT. It is gorgeous. Almost all the houses on her site are for sale, which makes for better dreaming about living there. Thanks to Google, one can also view the street or country road that the property is on—you know to get a feel for the place. Last night I pretended, in my mind, that I lived in Bozeman, Montana. In the red foursquare house. I’ve “pretend lived” in a house in most states of this country through this blog. Hey, some people have some horrible vices. Not me. I just am addicted to sweet tea and real estate…….and I don’t even really buy the real estate. So, it’s all good.

I do love old houses. When we were first looking at buying a house a couple of years ago, my husband kept saying, ” Old houses need work, electrical and plumbing need updated, the rooms are small, not enough closet space…..” That is true. Everything he said was valid. I just like the old house vibe. The detail, the woodwork, the hardwood floors, the porcelain or glass door knobs, transom windows……stuff one doesn’t see in new houses very often. Sigh.

Our new house is beautiful. We chose colored concrete floors with radiant heat, all hard wood trim, solid paneled doors, pocket doors, and doors with glass panes in them. We have tons of closet space (which believe me, I do use) and a long side deck and front porch. We had local craftsmen work on our house. It sets in the middle of what once was a corn/soybean field. It is a country home “with a twist”. At least that is how I describe it. Some of our friends say on the outside it looks like a cross between a church building and a barn. That’s all good. I like to be different:)

So, anyway, I’m loving the Old House site. Check it out. It really is interesting. Even if you are not a lover of all things old…it’s still interesting to do a little looking at how other people live in houses all across this country of ours. Enjoy!