Counting Down

English: Windchimes.

This is the last day of 2012, another year has come and gone.

All the minutes of all the days are winding down.

The ticking of the clock seems louder than normal.

For better or for worse this year is almost over.


Today, I am thankful. I’m thankful for all that I’ve been blessed with in 2012 and thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned.

* the opportunity to teach* smiles from my students* kids getting driver’s licenses* getting “first” cars* accidents with no injuries* church family* pets that brings me happiness* summer storms * a clean house* emails from friends* iced tea* flea market finds * ordering out for pizza* long walks on summer evenings* leaves that burn brilliant in Autumn* the quiet of the country* hard winds that blow all my wind chimes down* family* my husband*my children*encouraging words from my mom* baking with my sister* magnificent sunrises* amazing sunsets* watching the horse graze in the pasture*baby llamas* blooming lavender and rose bushes* friendship * The Word that became flesh* God who makes all things possible

As you count down the minutes tonight, may you too, remember all the blessings of 2012.

2013 is a book with 365 pages in it…and tomorrow you open the book to the very first page. Be thankful for new beginnings.

Happy New Year!