How Deep, How Wide?

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This week I had been measuring.  Getting a new cabinet, well not new, but new to me, cabinet from  a friend. I was checking to see if it would fit on one of the walls in our living room. How high is it? How wide is it? How deep is it?  Width is an important factor.

Isn’t it, always?

My niece stretched out her arms as wide as she could….. ” I love you this much”

The children’s song echoes in my mind….”Deep and wide, deep and wide….there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.”

“Open up wide!”  I’d say to my infant son when I played food “games” with him. Stuff like here comes the choo-choo train or airplane or whatever else I could think of to get the food in his little mouth:)

Wide does matter.

How deep, how wide, is my love?

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Saturday Morning

Downtown Mount Victory

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I’m reading a decorating magazine, writing in my eucharisteo journal, and drinking a mug of coffee. I’m also watching the news. The sun is actually shining this morning, before the rain returns later in the day.

It’s a quiet morning.

I have much to be thankful for, on this day before Easter.

My daughter wants to go to Mount Victory. To check out the shops.

Maybe we will.

Saturdays are good.

Mud Is Just Wet Dirt

Mud season is in full effect

Image by redjar via Flickr

The snow and ice from the storm a couple of weeks ago, is now melting. The sun is shining today. It almost looks like Spring.

My husband and I had our house built back off the road. About 250 feet off the road. That might not seem like a lot until one realizes that during the warmer spring months, our driveway and yard turn into a huge mud pit. This process has already started. I almost lost a boot today while trudging through the slop. If I wasn’t being sucked into the mud, I was trying to not wipe out on the ice spots that are still very slippery.

So begins the mud season. My laundry room literally becomes the mud room. For a room that was built to CLEAN and DRY clothes, I can’t even set a basket on the floor because of all the mud and boots laying around. For the next 3 1/2 months I will not even attempt to clean that floor. It is a vain effort to even try.

Now, that we have an indoor dog the mud season poses another huge issue for me. You see, the laundry room can look like the rainy season in the Amazon, but the rest of the house I’d like to TRY and keep half way decent. At least half way. Decent. Sigh.

I have given my son (dog owner) the responsibility of wiping off his dog’s feet. So now, he not only walks the dog, but he wipes all four of the doggie paws before passing through the threshold. I have a feeling this is going to be a long springtime.

Life is full of messes, isn’t it? If you are anything like me, you are always trying to clean up a mess. Somewhere. On something.

The “nutritional bits” in the dog food, that the dog doesn’t really care for…and so picks them all out of the dish and spews them around the kitchen floor. Or the dishes that had to be soaked in the sink because one of my children refuses to put things in the dishwasher until WHATEVER was on the plate is rock hard. Muddy shoes, spilled milk, chaotic rooms, cat fur on the couch and a pile of laundry. Messes. All of them.

On days when I am overwhelmed with the messes of life, I stop. I try and refocus. What is truly important?

So many times I have to remember that this IS life. Life is not clean. It is not neat. It is not neatly pressed….and most of the time it doesn’t smell good.

And I take a deep breath…..and if it is a really messy day I hold my breath until I pass out.


Old Man Winter

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Old Man Winter

didn’t knock at my door.

He pounded and slammed,

left mud and snow on my floor.

He was bitter and cold

dressed all in white,

icy blue eyes

and breath with a bite.

I asked him how long

he planned to stay?

March? April?

Not longer, I pray!

“I love freezing rain,

sleet and snow.

I spread ice

wherever I go!”

I grabbed my mittens

got ready to play

If you can’t beat him, join him

and have a SNOW DAY!

By: Dawn Gibson

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…

A dish of funeral potatoes

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1. It must really be cold outside because I felt the chill as soon as I got out from under the covers this morning.I thought about not getting up…but, I’m needed so I threw back the covers and braved the day. Brrrr….

2. My feet are cold.

3. I suppose I should put on my fuzzy slippers.

4. I’m made hashbrown casserole this morning for breakfast.

5. It’s now baking in the oven.

6. It smells really good..even though I had to cut onions and they made me cry. I look like I’ve been on a drinking binge.

7. The baking casserole is making me hungry.

8. The coffee is also smelling good this morning.

9. I’m still tired even though I just got up at 8.

10. Normally, I get up earlier…but, not today.

11. Snowy, wet weather makes a lot of mud. I said a lot. Did you hear me?

12. Mud that has found its way into my laundry room. A LOT of mud. Did you hear me again?

13. I guess they (whoever they are) call it a mudroom/laundry room for a reason.

14. I don’t like a dirty, cruddy floor.

15. Especially on my bare feet. My cold bare feet.

16. How come it is most people wake up with their hair sticking up all over?

17. I hate people that wake up with good hair. It’s a disgusting display of perfect.

18. I wish I was that disgusting person. Just sayin’.

19. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

20. That is hysterical. Really.

21. Sometimes I scare myself in the morning.

22. Not intentionally. It just happens.

23. I’ve got 20 minutes until “brunch” is done.

24. I should make good use of my time, and go get dressed.

25. That would be lazy of me to wear my pajamas all day um….yes, it would.


I’ve Got Nothing

HGTV logo premiered on March 1, 2010

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I’m sitting here staring at my computer this morning. I’m blank. I’ve got nothing. Boring with a capital B. I want to write, but I’ve decided that it just isn’t happening today….at least not right now. It’s frustrating when I get writers block. I guess I’ll come back later and try again.  In the meantime I think I’ll watch “Bang For Your Buck” on HGTV.  Hey, my question is this: Where do the people get an extra $100,000 to redo a basement?  I must live in a different world. A much less expensive world, for sure.

The Possibilities In The Impossible

That’s impossible! There is no way that would EVER happen! Can’t you see that is just NOT going to work? Life is full of the impossibles. A broken heart. A broken life. A broken person. It is easy for us to believe that there are things in life that are absolutely impossible. Summits we will never reach. A life we will never know. That we are destined only for the ordinary. It’s easy to fall into the trap of the impossible.

Tonight I was thinking about my own life. Every so often I like to reevaluate where I’m going. I’ve been wondering lately if there is something I am missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I often find myself asking God, “What’s next?” “Could you please let me in on what is going on?” Do you ever feel like you are on the verge of something, but you just don’t know exactly what?

While thinking through all this, Luke 1:37 came to my mind. “For nothing is impossible with God.” Nothing. Is. Impossible. With. God.  NOTHING. Did you get that? It goes against our human nature to actually consider this verse. To believe it is true. After all isn’t life about all sorts of things that are impossible? God says, “No. Nothing is impossible WITH ME.”  And you know what? I believe Him.