The Desire To Belong

I know it is now Saturday…but, I did not get to do Five Minute Friday yesterday. So, I am doing it today:)
Five Minute Friday


The word prompt for today is: BELONG 

Overall, I feel like I have a fairly decent self-esteem. In the day to day I feel pretty good about myself in the things that truly matter, but there have been times (and I’m sure there will be more!) where I have felt like the odd one out. I don’t get the inside joke. I wasn’t in the “inner circle”. Something that I have come to realize over the years is this: we all have our issues and insecurities. Even the slender woman that stares into the mirror, many times is blinded to her true beauty. She often sees the flaws and longs to look like someone else. The businessman that works extra long hours because he wants to be recognized by the boss, and to feel apart of the team. There are a lot of people in this world that don’t get the inside joke, and are just trying to “fake it to make it”, because they feel if someone really knew them, they might be the one being laughed at.

The desire to belong is strong in each of us. We want to belong….to a mate, to children, to family, to co-workers, to neighbors. We want friends that are our “besties” and to know that the words we speak will be heard and appreciated. None of us were made to fly solo. Oh sure, there are times when it is wonderful to have peace and quiet and have time inside your own head, to come away refreshed. But, for most the desire is not to live that way forever.

God is good. He did not make us to be by ourselves, standing on the outside looking in. He made us for communion with each other and most importantly with Him. There is a place in our spirit that only He is able to fill.

In relationship with God, it is where we truly belong.


I Have Learned To Exhale

Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Five Minute Friday
Sometimes, in the midst of the crazy, I am able to catch a brief glimpse of the miracles in the mundane. It is in those fleeting moments of realization that I have learned to exhale. To take it all in, breathe in everything that is happening…and then to slowly let it go. In the middle of the rush and hurry of my life, when I don’t have one more second to spare, is when it usually happens.

The other day I was out on the front porch waiting on my dog, Lonnie, to be done with his jaunt around the yard. I looked out past the driveway to the farmer across the road, and beyond the llama pasture. He was busily baling hay and making the large round bales, that I refer to as rural sculpture. The sun shone brightly and seemingly bounced off the sculpted golden grass. For that one brief minute I appreciated that color.

The other night I was preparing dinner, using some newly acquired culinary skills, and I had a moment. It is almost as if time slowed down as I realized how blessed I am to have a refrigerator and cabinets and pantry full of food. So many times I take all of it for granted. During this acknowledgment, the food I was cooking smelled so good.

Small things. Nothing that will be on the front page of the local news. So what…… My heart is full. Contentment.



Lost In The Wonder

It is late……but, it is still Friday. I can still make my Five Minute Friday post, over at LisaJo’s blog. Today’s writing prompt is LOST.

Five Minute Friday



Sometimes I find myself lost in the wonder of it all. I’ve been a Jesus follower for 35 years. Three and a half decades. Wow. That thought makes me so incredibly happy! Even though I’ve loved Jesus for many years, I still get lost in the magnificent awe that He loves me too! And He loved me first. I didn’t have to earn His love, there was never anything I did to deserve His love. He just loves me, with an everlasting love. The Creator of the universe LOVES ME. Incredible. It never gets old….not even after all these years.







Catch And Release

Every Friday we spend 5 minutes writing.

The prompt this week is RELEASE.  

Don’t over think it,  just write! 

Five Minute Friday




When I first saw the word release I thought of the phrase “catch and release”.

Sometimes I  have to catch the memories from my past, and then release them.

Release them to God, and just let them go.

When I say, “I can’t forgive myself”, in essence what I am really saying is, “I’m unforgivable”.

But, Christ says I am forgiven.

In Him I am a new creation.


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV




Five Minute Friday
Today over at Lisa-Jo’s blog it is Five Minute Friday.

We write for five minutes. We write from the heart. We …just….write.

Don’t worry about typos, or mistakes. Don’t worry about whether you think it sounds dumb or weird or if you believe it is a masterpiece. It doesn’t matter.

Type the words. Tell your story.

Today’s prompt is:  Messenger


Do you ever have the kind of day(s) that leave you feeling weary? Worn out? Dejected?

Days when you are just going through the motions because that is all you can do…

Me, too.

And then in the midst of the blah, in the middle of the mundane……

Comes the message.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.…  (Matthew 11:28-29)

Jesus is the messenger that walks through the every day.

He is a soft place for the weary, a welcome sight to the worn, and a deliverer for the dejected.



Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Join us for today’s five minute Friday prompt.  The word to write about is HANDS.

Write for five minutes. Don’t think about it too much….just write.

On your mark, get set, go!

Five Minute Friday





I sometimes think, as mothers, we forget how important we actually are to our family.

Hugs and hand shakes. Holding hands and holding hearts. High fives and a thumbs up.

A wave and a warning.

A hand on the forehead, to check for temperature, a hand on the hip that says, “What was that all about?”.

Hands that smooth down fly away hair, and straighten collars.

Hands that text and dial numbers as reminders…and for checking to make sure everything is okay.

Touch is so important…it speaks to the heart.

It makes a difference.




Savor The Closeness

At Five Minute Friday.… the word is CLOSE.IMG_1107

One, two, three…….GO!

The sun sank down on the horizon, exploding the last vestiges of evening light.

The blaze, caused the shadows from the barn to fall long across the yard.

I stopped and stared across the back field, to where the fence posts butted up against the neighbor’s farmland.

The cottony wisp of clouds contrasted against the rosy pinks, bright blues and lavender purples of the sky.

My eyes snapped a picture and immediately filed the image in my memory.

I listened to the quiet and savored the closeness I felt with the Creator of all this beauty.








Today’s, Five Minute Friday, prompt is: Grateful.
















The moon shared its light last night, spilling out across the field and lawn. The pale shimmer of the metal barn roof, glowed in the darkness.

Even the ordinary is extraordinary when bathed in moonlight.

The frogs were loudly croaking their night song.

Some of the geese were up late, talking in the night.

I stopped on my way back from the barn.

I drank it all in, the simple, the ordinary.

In the distance I heard dogs barking at something only they could see.

The stars stood out against the black velvet sky, assisting the moon with their light.

I’m grateful for this piece of life. 

This stillness that allows me to hear Him…. see Him.

“Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created.” – Revelation 4:11  


One Hot Mama Mess

On this first Friday in May, are you ready – give us five minutes on the word MESS?!











It is May, less than a month before my son’s graduation from high school. Who knew how much had to be done, get done, come undone? I’ve got stuff piled on top of stuff…announcements and pictures and lists of things to do for his graduation party….and my daughter is homeschooling and that brings with it a whole other mess of “to do’s”. I’m also a teacher and it is the end of the school year and there is paperwork, and testing, and assignments to finish and progress reports to fill out and it makes me tired thinking about it all! My husband tells me to relax. I tell him I don’t know how.

I’ve scheduled a couple of “girls day out” things in the midst of it all. I will need that time to recuperate, for sure…..either that or just pass out…..which now that I think about it, might not be such a bad thing. I would at least get a few moments of rest, but I digress…..back to my mess!
















As I sit here typing, I’ve noticed dog fur tumbleweeds on the floor, and fingerprints, a carpet that needs vacuumed and a table that needs wiped. Dishes that are in the sink and a half drank glass of tea. I try to keep things neat around this joint, but Better Homes and Gardens will probably not be knocking on my door anytime soon.

The yard needs mowed, the chicken coop needs cleaned and we must get the deck power washed and the furniture brought out of storage.














Yep…..I’ll be either be completely bald, or have a head full of gray hair by the end of this month. Now, won’t that look great for those graduation pictures?! By the way, that reminds me I need to get a hair cut. I need to pencil that in on the calendar. Um……right there between the appointment for the dogs vaccinations and my birthday.





Beautiful Paintings

Today, over at  Lisa Jo’s,  the writing prompt is PAINT. 

Five minutes of uninterrupted writing.

No going back, no worrying about punctuation…..just letting the words flow.

Ready, set, go!
















Renoir, Rembrandt, Monet, and Van Gogh.

Famous artists, painters extraordinaire.

Hung in museums, shown in private collections.


First grader, soft six year old hands painted flowers in the field.

Hung in the hallway, shown for all the family to see.


A wife, mother, “closet” painter.

Flowers and fruit. Folk art.

Hung with a thumb tack on the wall in the school room.


God who splashes color across the morning sky.

Blushing pinks, violet purples and wild indigo blues.

Pushing back the darkness of the night.


Creativity, beauty, color.


Speaking to the heart without saying a word.