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The Gypsy Mama

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Opportunity…a chance to do something.

Sometimes opportunity knocks and I am too blind to see it, or too busy.

I need to be more aware of the faint tapping.

Opportunity can open up a whole new world, one that I might never have known had I not opened that door.

Taking a chance can be scary, but not taking it might be worse.

Missed opportunity is a huge regret.

Don’t let it get away…

English: Ahem! Road sign and tree at Kirkbuddo.

Dear Younger Self…

One of my friends on Facebook, posted something interesting yesterday. I’m sure she had seen it somewhere and thought she’d repost. The gist of it was, if you could go back and tell your “younger self” something, what piece of wisdom that you’ve gleaned from your experiences would you

facebook engancha

now share?

Hmmmmmm……….. I thought I’d give this a try.

Dear Younger Self,

Younger Self, I have so many things to tell you. You probably won’t listen, because you think you know everything and have it all figured out. Um……your Older (and hopefully wiser) Self has to tell you that you do NOT have any real idea of what you are doing. OS is going to give you some advice. Keep your mouth shut and just read it!

1. You do not know all the answers and that is okay. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to always know what to do. Most people are in the same boat, just trying to figure out life, one day at a time.

2. Do your best and let the rest go. Striving for perfection can cause stress related illness. It’s not worth it. Most of your real learning will come from living through your mistakes, anyway. If you get knocked down, stand back up.

3. Be kind to yourself. You have to live in your own skin, why not be comfortable with it?

4. Be a friend, enjoy people. Make memories.

5. Be thankful for what you have. Open your eyes to even the smallest miracles.

6. Laugh a lot. Laugh out loud. Laugh until you can’t breathe. Even snort if you have too!

7. Accept that there is always happiness mixed in with sadness. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.

8. Love. The greatest of these…..

9. Find a mate that you like hanging out with. Make him your best friend.

10. Spend time with God, get to know Him……without Him there is nothing else.

11. The girls in the magazines are airbrushed.

12. Read a lot. Never stop learning.

13. Children will change your life, forever.

14. Don’t go through life in a rush, you have to slow down to really enjoy it.

15. Do what you love, and the rest will follow.

16. Pray daily.

17. Play music often. It speaks to the soul.

18. Help others that can’t help you back.

19. Listen. You learn more by listening, and no one wants to hear you talk all the time.

20. Eat ice cream without guilt. Don’t ask questions…just do it.

Love, Your Older Self




The Gypsy Mama

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Please visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.

OK, are you ready? Facebook chimed in last night and overwhelmingly voted for a prompt either about mothers or Mother’s Day. This was one of the suggestions and I love that it can apply to any and all, mother or not. So please give me your best five minutes on:  identity


Who am I anyway? And how did I end up here?

Sometimes I ask myself that question. Life is really weird and I often wonder about the road that chose.Thinking through all the things that brought me to this place.

I am drawn to those ladies that consider themselves to be “out of the mold”…….a little different. Whimsical. Thinkers.Dreamers.  Funny how things turn out. I’m still not exactly sure how I fit.

I do know this……being a mom has been the best thing ever. From the moment I found out I was pregnant. Keeping a journal from before my son was even born, to one day give him. He has changed my life for the better. Forever. He has made my heart soar and brought me to my knees. He is the closest thing I know to unconditional love.

God gave me motherhood and I am thankful for it.

Newborn baby Română: Nou nascut

I love being a mom, it is a big part of who I am.



Live Like You Were Dying

Tim McGraw at @ #WMT2010

Image by liljhawkgirl via Flickr

Without appearing to be overly morbid, I’d like to state the obvious.

I’m dying.

Yep, you read that correctly.

And, so are you.

Let that sink in a minute.

None of us are going to make it out of this life, alive. Well, unless Jesus comes back before then…but, other than that…yep, we’re all going to die.

It could be this evening, or maybe next week. It might be before Christmas…or it could be 75 years from now, in your sleep. None of us knows when, but we know it will happen.

That really is one of the few sure things we can know, in this otherwise chaotic adventure we call life.

Now, with all that said, and you my readers, probably scratching your head and wondering if I’ve totally flipped out talking this way….

A few days ago, a friend of mine on Facebook, wrote a status using Tim McGraw‘s lyrics of Live Like You Were Dying.  If you’ve never heard the song you should take a listen. For being a secular song, it is still very good, and has a lesson in it that we could and should learn. A lesson in living. You can check out the lyrics here.  Anyway, as one thing usually leads to another, it got me thinking about life and death and all the in between stuff. I realize that most people do not want to hear this kind of talk. It makes them uncomfortable, nervous, or down right angry. That’s okay. One doesn’t have to read my blog entries if one wishes not to do so. My goal is not to make people  uncomfortable, but to make them think.

I remember when my first husband died. The day we got the diagnosis was a beautiful, June day. When we got out of bed that morning we didn’t know that it would be the beginning of the end.  Isn’t that true about a lot of things in life? He was 32 when he was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. He lived for just 1 year and 4 months after his diagnosis. Now, if you’d have known my husband, he was not what I would have called a philosopher, or a theologian. He was a good ol’ boy, born and raised in the south, loved NASCAR, and Tennessee football. He should have gone to culinary school, he loved to cook, and he was excellent at picking out just the right gifts for birthdays and Christmas. All that aside, some of the most profound things that he ever said to me in our nearly 10 years together, were during those months between his diagnosis and his death.

As the months went on, and he became weaker, his words took on new meaning. Words that still echo back to me 11 years later.

I remember…. “Dawn, come sit with me. Cleaning can wait….I won’t be here forever.”  He knew he was dying. His perspective had changed. He realized relationships were what was important in this life. (Lesson #1)

Or, the scripture he wrote in his own hand, a verse that was close to his heart….found in 1 Corinthians 2:9. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.”  I still pull that verse out on occasion and read it. I look at his handwriting and think to myself, he’s there now.  He sees what God prepared for him. He had a personal relationship with the Lord. (Lesson #2)

And the final words that he said to me, as he lay in his hospital bed…”I love you.”  These words were followed by a hug. That was the last time I ever felt my husband’s arms around me. Isn’t that what most of us want to hear? That we are loved? (Lesson #3) God was so good to me that hard day. He gave me the gift of Kennis’ words.

As much as I tell this story about my late husband, and the emotion of it all floods back to me, it is not he that showed me the greatest love. It was not my husband’s love that saved me. Nor, is it he that has gone to prepare a place for me. You see, the One that wrote me a love letter….it is He that I long to meet after I take my last breath in this world. It is Jesus that will make Heaven, home.

Jesus said, ” I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies…”  John 11:25  NIV

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me (Jesus)……I am going to prepare a place for you….I will come back and take you to be with me.”  John 14: 1-3

And so….

live like you are dying…

Because you are.




Random Silliness


I’ve been looking through my pictures…..and thought I’d share some random silliness with you, my blog readers. Life is never so serious that we can’t take some time to laugh at ourselves.

I was going through some of my pictures the other day. What ever possessed me to take these pictures? I remember I was doing something crafty and wanted a picture of it. I was, at the time, sitting on the bedroom floor trying to decide on lighting…..why I took these pictures I don’t know. I nearly blinded myself with the flash. I’ve got real talent. On a bright note, I had just gotten my hair cut and it looked pretty good.

I have a thing for barns. I don’t know why, I just do. I’m the crazy woman that drives around the Ohio countryside snapping pictures of stranger’s barns. I’m very covert…I only stopped the van in the middle of the road on a few occasions.

Why was it that we moved from the southern states, to Ohio? Just kidding. I like the snow. Of course, I am not the one shoveling it, so I can say that.

Too bad that my camera doesn’t take night time pictures very well. This is the moon. Really. And, by the way, your eyes are not bad. The pictures are not in focus. I said I took pictures. I never said I was good at it.

These pictures were me admiring my newly stained window grilles that I did this past summer. I will not discuss the details of The Great Stain Debacle of 2011….Oh, okay.  I um….slipped and stained myself in the process. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get wood stain off skin? Let’s just say, for days I looked like I was covered in liver spots. End of discussion.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful,
   but heartache crushes the spirit.  Proverbs 15:13  NIV

Noises Of The Every Day


Image by rishibando via Flickr

It is in the quiet when I hear His voice.

The TV blares the day’s latest news.

The kids are talking.

The phone rings.

I hear my husband’s voice as he answers a call.

The dishwasher hums.

My computer keys click.

Music plays.

The dogs bark.

I live in a cacophony of noises.

Noises of the every day. Noises of urgency. Noises of my life.

My soul realizes that something is missing.  I long for the quiet peace that comes from just being in His presence.

Just being with Him, the One who created me, and knows me most intimately.

I come to be renewed. Rejuvenated. Cleansed.

I sit at His feet and listen.

Precious Memories—Happy Birthday

birthday cake

Image by freakgirl via Flickr

Special : readily distinguishable from others of the same category

Some people long for it…others strive their whole life to obtain it….and yet, a few, rare people are just born with it. That special something that makes one unique. That makes one different. That makes that person, absolutely one of a kind.

I’d like to tell you about one such person.

Today is her 75th birthday, and this day I dedicate my blog to celebrating her….. the lady that has had such a huge impact on my life, as well as the lives of my entire family.

My aunt Dorothy.

My cousins and I always knew that she had time for us. When we were very young, and she was our “Dor Dor”, to Aunt Dorothy when we got older…she was the one who took us on Saturday afternoon drives (and got ice cream if were lucky), made sure she was at all the ball games to cheer on whichever child was playing at the time, opened her house as “command central” for multiple family get togethers, birthdays, and holiday celebrations. She attended graduations, celebrated marriages, anticipated the births of new family members.

Her love continued on to the next generation of children.

Aunt Dorothy continues to give us all the valuable gift of time…. Her time. Priceless.


Up To My Armpits In Mud


Our yard is a muddy, mucky mess. This water line to the barn has become the bane of our existence. I’m working up my energy to go back out there again. I guess I need to go, since we are getting a storm (first rain/ then snow) tonight and deathly cold temps (16 degrees) with 40 mph gusting wind. Doesn’t that sound fun? So….on that note….I guess I should go back outside and help my (very muddy) husband.
Oh, by the way, I’m loving the ideas for my blog title. Some people have left comments on my blog, others, where I post on Facebook. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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This Is Not Happening

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I know I haven’t been able to blog for the past several days. Life happens….and wow, with all this life happening I am getting behind! Just wanted to let you know that I will be back to blog—probably on Friday. (When I will be able to actually take a deep breath and not have to run around at 100 m.p.h with my hair on fire.) I’ve good stuff to blog about!!!!