I Have Learned To Exhale

Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Five Minute Friday
Sometimes, in the midst of the crazy, I am able to catch a brief glimpse of the miracles in the mundane. It is in those fleeting moments of realization that I have learned to exhale. To take it all in, breathe in everything that is happening…and then to slowly let it go. In the middle of the rush and hurry of my life, when I don’t have one more second to spare, is when it usually happens.

The other day I was out on the front porch waiting on my dog, Lonnie, to be done with his jaunt around the yard. I looked out past the driveway to the farmer across the road, and beyond the llama pasture. He was busily baling hay and making the large round bales, that I refer to as rural sculpture. The sun shone brightly and seemingly bounced off the sculpted golden grass. For that one brief minute I appreciated that color.

The other night I was preparing dinner, using some newly acquired culinary skills, and I had a moment. It is almost as if time slowed down as I realized how blessed I am to have a refrigerator and cabinets and pantry full of food. So many times I take all of it for granted. During this acknowledgment, the food I was cooking smelled so good.

Small things. Nothing that will be on the front page of the local news. So what…… My heart is full. Contentment.