Where Do You Live?

Today, at A Holy Experience, we are writing about : The Practice of Citizenship: How You Live Here When Your Home is in Heaven.

A couple of days ago I read a blog about contentment. The author of the blog was talking about being in the “in between” times of life. The unsettled. The unsure. I know those times. Those are the times when I want more, but get less. I dream big and wake up to reality. The wandering in the wilderness kinds of times.

Even before reading this blog I had contentment on my mind. Evidently God wants me to keep thinking about this subject because He keeps putting things in my daily path that cause me to have to evaluate my contentment.

Pathway Between the Old and New Market


Sometimes God’s lessons aren’t easy for me to handle. I want what I want. I’ve got ideas. I’ve got lists. I’ve got “the dream”. I NEED these things on my list, in order to be content. After all, I deserve them. Right?!

I struggle.

I want life to be easier.

I want to understand.

I want security.

AND I pretty much prefer no big surprises.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love surprises if it happens to be my birthday or a special Christmas gift. Hmm…..or a weekend get away. Or an unexpected visit from family or friends. BUT, not hard, life surprises.

Like unexpected job loss. Heartache. Friends that hurt my feelings. A sick child. A loss of faith. Arguments. Frustrations. Mistakes. Surprises that, quite frankly, are no fun.

God calls me to be content in my circumstances. All of them. Not just the fun ones. I am to learn the secret of being content, no matter the circumstance. (Phil 4:11-12) It’s hard. I try. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I fail. Oh, how I fail. It’s a journey that I’m on…this journey of learning contentment. I wish I could say I have this particular thing under control…but, I’m being honest. I don’t……and so there are lots of bumps on this rocky road I’m traveling and many times I fall down.

The truth is I don’t have everything I want in life, but I do have everything I need. For today. For this minute.

God is good like that.

I believe we, as human beings, go through periods of  the “in between”.  It keeps us grounded and focused.

For me this isn’t home. I’m just a pilgrim on a journey, through a land of discontentment. A land that I am just passing through. I’ll admit that it is difficult. When I take my focus off of God I become discontent…stuck…and shackled to the negative. BUT, if I look to my Heavenly Father, I can see a glimpse of HOME.

He allows a glimmer of what it will be like. Home. A place where contentment will be real, not just the fleeting shadow of what I strive to achieve here on Earth. I will be fully content, because I will be with Him.

“Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”  ( 1 Corinthians 13:12) 

From my blog archives, first posted on May 15, 2010

Moonlight Last Night

Morning Full Moon

Image by Fields of View via Flickr

“….and dance by the light of the moon.” (from Buffalo Gals)

I’ve mentioned before, one of the perks, of having moved to the country, is the open sky.

I absolutely love it.

There is something about it, that is both awe inspiring and peaceful at the same time.

Last night my husband and I were driving back home, from town.

The fading light of dusk was upon us, and the moon was making its appearance.

A beautiful, perfectly round, golden moon.

I stared at it for the entire drive home. Mesmerized.

I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and tried to capture the essence of the full moon on this cool September evening.

I failed miserably. My camera doesn’t do well in the dark. I was disappointed that all I got was a dot of light.


I wanted more.

I stood in my driveway, looking out over the cornfield, staring at what God had created.

I didn’t want to come inside.

Silently worshiping God …in that moment.

Right there in the driveway, in the evening quiet.

“God made two great lights–the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.”  Genesis 1:16 NIV

All Thanks, Big and Small

the cloud and the rays of light

Image by bernat... via Flickr

Here I sit at my kitchen counter…on yet another Monday morning. A morning that is gray and rainy…again. It seems like the rain is here to stay this Spring. Even though the day outside is wet and drizzly, I have so much for which to be thankful. The light of yesterday breaks through the gray of today. Light shining into this world…light that changed the world forever.

Mondays are always a rough day for me, and yet these days are part of Multitudes On Mondays. A reminder to me and to everyone, that there is always much to be thankful for…in all things big and small. Life truly is a gift.

* Safe travel for my sons as they traveled with friends.

* Time spent with my daughter.

* Discovering that old is new again

* Laughing together

* Quietly working in the kitchen

* Family

* Knowing the TRUTH

* Chocolate peanut butter icecream

* Love

* Conversations with sons

* Helpful daughter

* A husband who is there for me

* Time to just breathe

* Groceries in the pantry

* Cold tea

* Beautiful clouds

* Rain

* An old, rugged cross

* Blood covered

* “It is finished”

* An empty tomb

* A Savior lives


* A promise that He will come again as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Amen and Hallelujah!

It’s All Grace

I had just returned  from an early morning walk.

I was struck by the beauty of this scene…a  scene right in my front yard.

I’m so glad I took the time to snap the picture.

My peaceful morning picture.

I enjoy looking at it. Over and over again.

Saturday night I was completely awestruck by the beauty of the “super” moon. The moon was huge. And perfect.

The light it cast was reflecting on the winter lake across the road. Out here, in rural America we have “winter water lakes” .  The lakes are not real lakes. In our case, the farmer across the road has a low spot in his field. The rain and snow melt cause a lake to form. It doesn’t last forever but, for now the geese and ducks love it….and so do I.

The moonlight rippled across the water. The black silhouette of a still bare tree. The moon. The beautiful moon.

I had a difficult time pulling my gaze away from the scene.

I could hear frogs croaking in the darkness, along with the shrill sound of a killdeer.

I attempted to take a picture. I wanted to capture the beauty of the moment. Alas, my camera was unable to accurately copy the night time scene. My picture was dark.  I wonder if  catching moonlight is even possible?  I ended up with a dark picture with a white spot in the middle…which was the moon. No aura. No still beauty. No moonlight.

I wanted to savor the moment so I grabbed my Eurcharisteo journal…and I gave thanks.

#281  bright moon, close to Earth

#282  cool night air

#283  silhouette of bare tree under moonlight

#284  moon mirrored in the winter lake, in the field

#285   enjoying the beauty of God

#286   afternoon nap

#287  snuggling

#288  breath taking views

#289  pink

#290  the awe in the Almighty

#291  warm sweater

#292  smooth hair

#293  my tall son

#294  blue tennis shoes

# 295  Jeremiah 31:9

#296 comfortable clothes

#297  early morning quiet

#298 breakfast

#299 sunlight on the barn

#300 the mail van stopping at my house

It’s all by His grace. Every bit of it.

As I’ve been writing down in my notebook…. filling it with eucharisteo, I have become more and more aware of this fact.

If you are interested in reading more, click on the Multitudes on Mondays graphic in the right hand column.

Time Captured

Antique Clock Face

Image by Garrett Crawford via Flickr

More moments to add to my list of thanks

Each captured

Time slows

Eucharisteo. Now. Always now.

I write them down, so I won’t forget.

Never forget His love for me


#182 Conversations that make me smile

#183 Blog comments

#184 Bright, golden sunshine

#185 Good mood

#186 A sense of accomplishment

#187 Anticipating a thunderstorm

#188 Taking a quiet time

#189 Family movie nights

#190 Email

# 191 Ice cream with chocolate syrup

#192 Watching my son chase the dog

#193 Laughing so hard